Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My 30th Post... Yehey!!!

(Ok, so my title for this post is Jolly Hotdog. So what? The titile doesn't matter, right? Well, anyway, the title that is on my mind is "Jolly Footlong". More Growse.)

One time, while I'm browsing my friends' blogspots, I passed by my friend who has a post about the Ministry of Altar Servers, where I belong. It says there:

My dear altar servers, you are not here for recognition. Once you laid your foot at the Ministry of Altar Servers, death will come your way. We are here to carry our cross with Jesus and feel the nails in our hands bleeding...
Our service is a service of love and humility.
M - inistry of
A - Altar
S - Servers
MAS also means:
M - artyrdom
A - nd
S - ervice
to whom? to GOD...Let this be a challenge for all of us. Let us pray that our death be not a confessor's death but a death of a martyr proclaiming our Love to God and to his Church.Together, let us proclaim our fidelity and obedience to our Holy Father and to your proper local bishop.

So, I read everything from the first word to the last. Actually, it took me a hour to read, and understand everything.

And Then, I asked myself: "O my gulay! I'm not ready for something like this!"

That was three years ago.

Well. Certainly. That was all I asked myself all these time. I felt everything to the last drop. I felt the Death of my soul because of Sin. I felt it resurrected everytime that I go to the Altar, Bringing the Gifts of the people, seeing the greatest of all the miracles.

But I still ask myself: "What is this service I've been for three long years? Here I am, in the forefront of the Altar, a public figure, a servant of the Most High, a server, most, a sinner. I'm really not worthy after all this time. But why does these things happen?"

Guyz, after three years, and still, I have no face to show, no record to give, and most, no attitude to be proud of.

This is the Reality.
People think that we, as Servers of the Most High, including the Priests, do automatically have a clean record. We, so they say, have a very good conscience. That We, according to them, have a face to show to the People. Astang parang lampas na sa langit ang ugali!

They are wrong. Very wrong.

Because, behind the gestures, behind the bows, behind the responses, are very weak hearts. very weak souls. very weak spirits who call the Name of the Lord to help them. Guys, Brothers, We are all one people who call the Name of God, serving Him wholeheartedly. There is a reason to call us as very holy people. It is because We are according to the Image and Likeness of the One who Created us.

Ok. So Three years passed. What Happened?
Something happened.

God was there by my side, walking with me through all these time. Reality Speaks: "Without God, Everything is Impossible!"

As I write this special post, I thank God for the People He gave me; friends and enemies, and others. I thank him for the gift of Service. I thank him for the gift of the Eucharist, the reason for my service as an Altar Server.

Now, What? Three Years passed, and God is still there at the Altar.


Monday, January 29, 2007

In Defensum...


after a period of silence, the striker speaks to the last drop.

Three things, guys. THREE THINGS to know, to seek, and to understand.


May mga balitang hindi ko matiis na hindi magsalita. Bakit? Kasi kung hindi ako magsasalita, ay baka isipin na manhid ako. Ngayon, May mga narinig ako, at nakita, na mga bagay na nakasakit sa mga kaibigan ko nang todo-todo. Akala mo daw kung sinong mag-astang parang Pari daw, frustrated daw sa bokasyon. Alam mo? Hindi ko ugali ang sumurot sa usapan, pero tignan mo ang sitwasyon mo. Look! Hindi na ikaw, kami na! Tignan mo ang mga pinaggagagawa mo. Tama ba namang magkaroon ng sexy pic na may alam sa CCC? Magisip-isip ka. Magisip-isip ka!!!


Humihingi ako ng taos-pusong kapatawaran sa mga taong nasaktan ko sa nakalipas na buwan. Alam ko na hindi na ako fit para magkasala at magkamali nang ganoong katindi, at alam ko rin na masyado naman kaming (take note: KAMI!!!) naging pabaya sa mga responsibilidad namin. Pero sana, ay huwag ninyo namang ibunton iyun sa isang tao lang, na parang siya ang may kasalanan kung bakit nangyari ang lahat ng iyun. Ladies and Gents, This is not a sin of one. We are Many. And look what you are doing. It is as if you are puting the blame into one person! What a nonsense blame! Again, sorry.


I want to give my heartfelt thanks to my fellow Altar Servers, kasi after Three great years, I'm still standing. Malay ko kung anong kinabukasan ng 2007 for me as an Altar Server, pero wish ko na lang na hindi siya magiging masama para sa bawat isa.

Wait. dahil post ko naman ito, at wala namang pakialam ang iba kung gawin ko ito, gagawin ko ito.


Ma, Dad, mga kapatid ko... Sorry kasi naging mas pasaway ako kaysa sa inaasahan natin(Meaning... ako man, hindi ko rin inaasahan iyun.). Promise ko sa inyo(kahit nagsasawa na kayo sa mga pramis nails ko.)... na magiging mas responsible child ako para sa inyo. Sana, ay magkatulungan tayo. Ilang libong beses ko nang sinabi sa mga blog ko na hindi ko kaya kung wala kayo. Sana nga, eh mangyari ang lahat ng iyun.


The end of the last drop.

If ever (if ever lang, ha?) you have any commentos or everything... do not be more than afraid to post it. I will entertain enerything.



Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A great chance...

Guys, Brothers: If you are walking in the Neo Catechumenal Way, and if you have a friendster account, I wholeheartedly invite you to join us in the friendster group created especially for the People walking in the Neo-Catechumenal Way.

want the link? here it is...

This is some sort of something, Brothers, Join na kayo!!!

This is one of the greatest!!!


I just recieved an e-mail from an online friend about this great-great-GREATEST OF THE GREAT celebration this side of the metro!!! At sigurado ako, pati na yung libu-libong mga bloggers sa Pilipinas na magiging masaya itong selebrasyon na ito!!! (And I'm sure that this will be a very happy celebration, not to mention the feelings of the Thousands of blogger-friends in the Philippines!!!)

eh ano nga ba iyang selebrasyon na iyan, at ano naman ang magiging masaya dyan?

It's all about the BLOGPARTEEH 2007!!!

It's the largest Philippine Blogger Meet-up ever... take note... the LARGEST!!!

It's something you don't wanna miss... I tell you.

Guys!!! kung pinoy ka, at gusto mong magkaroon ng gadgets, alam kong hindi mo palalampasin ang greatest at largest celebration na ito!!!

Kaya join ka na!!!

Sige ka... ikaw rin...

For more info for the Blog parteeh 2007, just go to

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Mula sa harap ng kompyuter at sa kaibuturan ng puso ko...


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The First of Everything...

(I posted this in last January 2, 2007. As my first entry for this year, entitled "The First of Everything...")

First Words...



I have so many things to do this year... Many things in store for this guy this 2007, eh...
Wala tayong magagawa dyan... nakatadhana lahat ng iyan... (We cannot do anything with that. after all, it is my fate.)

But before all of that, I'm going to say a little bit of words... I will group these as "Thank You", "Sorry," and "I Love You..."

"Thank You!!!"

Thanks a lot to my friends and colleages who are still in touch with me last year, especially my batchmates at ICPS. I miss you all guys!!! When will it be kaya? I mean... our Reunion?
Thanks to my Family. eventhogh there are times that I become the most Pasaway in the House, They still get to be my best buddies... I am nothing without you all!!!
My Great Parish Priest, Fr. Jun Erlano, my fellow Altar Servers, and My friends at the Community 2 of Neo-Catechumenate in our Parish. The past year will never Complete without You!!! Thanks a lot also!!!


First, to my Family. You know all the reasons. This Year, I will try everything to be alright... I will be the Best Son the Earth has. I will be one...
To my colleages at the Parish, especially to my Parish Priest. I owe everything to you, but there are still times that I do not become what I suppose to be. I will be a humble, and kind servant of God. Please pray for me!
To Kuya Dave, and my felloy Fraters at the CCS. I was one of those that did not made it to the first General Assembly. This Month. I will make it to our second General Assembly. I will not make another promise, But I will make it.

"I Love You..."

My Family. I cannot speak it, but I will prove it in my Actions!!! I Really Love You!!!
My Parishmates... Please pray that we can be the greatest servers this side of our Diocese. Let us prove that we really love our service!!!

But most of all, to GOD ALMIGHTY. Thank You for the Past Year, with all its contents. I am grateful to You. Sorry for all the times I never became the Greatest Sevant, and Son I must be. Please help me to say I Love You in actions. and Most of all, I entrust this year, and the coming days to You. YOUR WILL BE DONE THIS YEAR, AND FOREVER.

Guys! it's 2007!!!

Time for mendings, and new beginnings. Let's forget everything that can make this year the worse, instead, let us make this year , as the title of my previous entry speaks of it... A YEAR OF SOMETHING ELSE, because With God, Nothing is Impossible. He can do what we cannot do!