Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My 30th Post... Yehey!!!

(Ok, so my title for this post is Jolly Hotdog. So what? The titile doesn't matter, right? Well, anyway, the title that is on my mind is "Jolly Footlong". More Growse.)

One time, while I'm browsing my friends' blogspots, I passed by my friend who has a post about the Ministry of Altar Servers, where I belong. It says there:

My dear altar servers, you are not here for recognition. Once you laid your foot at the Ministry of Altar Servers, death will come your way. We are here to carry our cross with Jesus and feel the nails in our hands bleeding...
Our service is a service of love and humility.
M - inistry of
A - Altar
S - Servers
MAS also means:
M - artyrdom
A - nd
S - ervice
to whom? to GOD...Let this be a challenge for all of us. Let us pray that our death be not a confessor's death but a death of a martyr proclaiming our Love to God and to his Church.Together, let us proclaim our fidelity and obedience to our Holy Father and to your proper local bishop.

So, I read everything from the first word to the last. Actually, it took me a hour to read, and understand everything.

And Then, I asked myself: "O my gulay! I'm not ready for something like this!"

That was three years ago.

Well. Certainly. That was all I asked myself all these time. I felt everything to the last drop. I felt the Death of my soul because of Sin. I felt it resurrected everytime that I go to the Altar, Bringing the Gifts of the people, seeing the greatest of all the miracles.

But I still ask myself: "What is this service I've been for three long years? Here I am, in the forefront of the Altar, a public figure, a servant of the Most High, a server, most, a sinner. I'm really not worthy after all this time. But why does these things happen?"

Guyz, after three years, and still, I have no face to show, no record to give, and most, no attitude to be proud of.

This is the Reality.
People think that we, as Servers of the Most High, including the Priests, do automatically have a clean record. We, so they say, have a very good conscience. That We, according to them, have a face to show to the People. Astang parang lampas na sa langit ang ugali!

They are wrong. Very wrong.

Because, behind the gestures, behind the bows, behind the responses, are very weak hearts. very weak souls. very weak spirits who call the Name of the Lord to help them. Guys, Brothers, We are all one people who call the Name of God, serving Him wholeheartedly. There is a reason to call us as very holy people. It is because We are according to the Image and Likeness of the One who Created us.

Ok. So Three years passed. What Happened?
Something happened.

God was there by my side, walking with me through all these time. Reality Speaks: "Without God, Everything is Impossible!"

As I write this special post, I thank God for the People He gave me; friends and enemies, and others. I thank him for the gift of Service. I thank him for the gift of the Eucharist, the reason for my service as an Altar Server.

Now, What? Three Years passed, and God is still there at the Altar.


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