Sunday, July 29, 2007

The 29th of July (Birthday Essay 2007)

Another volume of a book closes...
and as it closes, another one opens.
(I shall open this yearly essay with this sentence. A book, that's what it became, full of stories, of quests, of the history of somebody. I'm happy to share it all with you as the 19th of August comes. Please, read on...)
Life, as it turned out, became hell for me. but beneath it, there's still the feeling of comfort and peace, the feeling of heaven.

These experiences that turned out to be a part of my history, of my story, of the legacy that was mine. These, and others, are the ones I will never forget.


As I was walking with the second community of the Neo Catechumenal Way, there were these instances that I felt that there was-and is-another family to guide and watch over me. I carefully coped up with my community, and they were very... Common in everything. I'm happy to be a part of this community where I saw myself this past year as a sinner begging God's Grace.

Being a part of the Confraternity of the Catholic Saints was also a big thing for me. eventhough there were times of miscommunication, there were still times when I felt the presence of God and His Holy Army of the Saints rushing through us.

As a Server at the Altar, God took me to very high heights. Although times come when I come to experience difficulties in my office as Secretary, I still thank the Lord for always being there for me, and never letting me go. During the past 3 years, He was there when I need Him. And until now, I still feel his Presence.

As a simple parishioner, I know that there are people that are wondering where do I get such energy. Their prayers are my strength. I get the vigor from them, knowing that my mission is still not over, because God is still giving them to me.

Being a student, I am never sorry for being a part of an institution as the City of Malabon University, and the reason for that is because I felt the realness of study and education despite the trials, the tests, and the projects. The classmates, buddies, and friends that are there in times of joking and in times of study, and not to forget the teachers, professors, and Army Personnel that are there to guide, not only me, but the entire institution.

As a son, I felt the continued love of my parents and siblings. Eventhough at times, they are going around a fight or something, I'm still proud that I have the family that I have right now. I will always tell the world that I have the very best family in this wide universe.

In other words, I felt the heaven this year, not because I had the things to be proud of, nor because I have all the things that a normal person doesn't, but because I felt the Presence of the Divine One over, and under me, in my front and back, in my whole person. And mostly, he'd let me live until this very day.


As a frail sinner, a boastful person, I am still falling. There were still these people who never, if not seldom, believe in me. I don't want them to believe in me at all, I just wanted to do things for their sake.

There are still some instances that I am falling into sin and death. I am falling into an anger blast. I am leaving things. I am still a sinner.I still don't accept things. I refuse to do things.

And for that part, I am still asking God's grace for me to wake up and stand amidst the temptations, the sins, and the deaths. I am also asking His grace over these people whom I killed using my tongue, my hands, and my personality. I am asking forgiveness for everything I did, and also I am ready to accept their sorry's... if there will be.

And so, the 16th volume of a book entitled "my life" is nearing to a close. I hope and pray as the 17th volume opens, I may open and read its pages with excitement, hoping that there will be a story in it that will take me to the hope that God Never forgets those who call and rely on Him.




July 29, 2007