Tuesday, January 08, 2008

chubby fact...

One time, as I was chatting with a friend, she told me, "alam mo bitoy, tumaba ka konti..."

I was astounded, and thoughts ran into my mind... ako? problemado? tataba? alam ko, pumapayat ako dahil sa ganito at ganoon. Pero AKO? TATABA? NO WAY!!! $#%^%^^%!!! But I thought, that was the result after God took care of me when I was in Iloilo.

I don't know what happened. I know, I ate, rested, and did a bunch of recreation, not to forget the quality time spent with God, talking to Him, and being one in Him.

You know, it wasn't hard for me to adjust by the time the plane landed, but it was hard for me to adjust back to my normal situation... until now. Activities continue to haunt my system, yes. Like it seems to tell me, I will never leave you, I will haunt you as long as you live!!!

Why am I telling these?
It's because I want to tell everybody How I saw God in Iloilo!!! I mean... look!!! I will not be chubby if I was not relaxed, if not I did not became happy with where God put me. A month passed, many failures came by, I became busy, and still, the evidence shows...

Another something that contributed to my "chubbiness" is this: after we arrived from Iloilo, the first thing I did was to look at the bright side of my life... eventhough I can't never say that I forgot the negative side... I say that although I fell down, and played dead, I still managed to stand up, and continue smiling.

if you're happy with what you're doing, if you continue to look for the positives, if at every point of your life, you see the goodness of God, and if you continue to smile... then, you will carefully see the evidence... (What is the evidence? look in the mirror.)


Monday, January 07, 2008

(this is my first post in a very large font... and it has a very large reason...)

Are you full of problems? Is life being unfair to you? Do you feel depressed? Like Sharon Cuneta, do you feel like pasan ko ang daigdig?

Do you want to see the Light? Do you want to see God in your life?



Where: Santa Cruz Parish; Tanza, Navotas City

When: every Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30 PM, starting January 15, 2008

Who: YOU, 14 years old and above, any status in Life (single, married, widow or widower)

What to bring: you, yourself, and your ears.

if it touched many lives (including mine), it will certainly touch the star of the show... YOU!!!


- Rev. Fr. Elpidio A. Erlano, Jr.

Parish Priest

(gogo note:I did this post for the propagation of the Evangelization of the Neo Catechumenate here in Navotas, and I hope that this invitation will be seen by all my contacts here in Multiply... and by others that had just passed by my page. Through this post, may God touch those lives who will be listening to His Word.
May God be with you!!! Peace!!!)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Blessed Ivan goes to Navotas... and the Flame rises.

pic taken from the Christmas Party of the CCS in Quezon City; December 27, 2007

It was truly a remarkable happening for the Confraternity of Catholic Saints in the Diocese of Kalookan!!! And it is all due to Blessed Ivan Merz, one of the inspirations of CCS to go on and live in holiness.

Last April, the Director visited the House of Blessed Ivan in the City of Navotas, the Parish of Santa Cruz in Tanza. They came to see and bless the beginning of the Propagation of the Life of this Blessed on the Fishing Capital of the Philippines. The flame is getting kindled at that time.

Just last week, during the Christmas party of CCS in Quezon City, the Director and the Secretary-General presented the Pilgrim Image of Blessed Ivan Merz for the use of the CCS-Kalookan wing. With that are brochures and other paraphernalia for the use of the said wing. It was a very happy occasion for us.

Just this week, we received the positive response of the NavoteƱos to the Propagation! And it is indeed a blessing for us especially for this New Year. It is indeed giving us the motivation, and the strength we need to pursue and go on!

In behalf of my companion here in Navotas City, Fra. Adrian Millena, ccs, I would like to owe this great endeavour to God, to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Most of all, to the Star of the show, Blessed Ivan Merz, for never letting us down during all this time.

We pray that the Lord, through Blessed Ivan Merz, continue to shower his blessings and love to his people, so that we may live a life of Humility, Simplicity, and Praise!!!


Malabon City; January 02, 2008

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Other posts for 2007

If you want to know what to happened to my life for 2007. I invite you to visit my other site:
In it, you will see what happened to the striker for the year 2007.

Thanks, and a Blessed New Year to all!!!

New Year... New Me... New Everybody!!!

First words...


365 days had passed, 366 days on the way (2008 is a leap year... Happy Birthday for those who are born on Feb. 29!!!).

I'm sure some of us are still groggy and sleepy due to the revelry last night... although it was noted that the firecracker tilt reduced gradually. Financial Problem perhaps, or due to the lesson learned by some: Don't play with Firecrackers; they are dangerous. Others because of the reunions, others simply because wala lang.

Many of us (including me) had been involved in creating the most popular list ever created... the list containing our New Year's Resolutions. For others, a few are accomplished as they go on through the year, but others simply create without the intention of doing it. There's no problem with doing this "most prized" list. But let me ask you... Do you include in your list the intention to be a better christian? To be a witness of Christ in today's world? I hope you do.

For some, New year passed as another ordinary day. Why so? because they lost all hope. They keep asking... "Why was my life so broken? I don't have any reason anymore to celebrate..." Well, we can't blame them, but as for us, did we tried our best to help them, and to give them the hope they needed to go on? Let's pray for them that they may see the hope they wanted with the company of family, friends and most of all, God.

This day, we celebrate the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. The Church gave us the example of a Mother, who selflessly gave her life for the salvation of the whole race. From her Fiat, to the Pieta, to the Assumption and Coronation, we saw how this woman followed the footsteps of her son. This day, This Church also reminds us that behind our biological mothers there is also a mother there in heaven guiding all of us. With that, I invite all to continuously recourse to our Mother, after all, she cares for us, she will never let us down.

It was a very colorful year for all of us, especially for me. (Cheers to that!!!) The world saw how we walked through the way of life, fell, and stood up and continued walking. Now, another year is ahead of us. Let us never forget that we never walk alone in this path of life. We have a lot of company, be they good or bad. Above all, there is the Triune God. There is the Virgin Mary. Look, brothers!!! We are never alone. So why look on another negative year? Look on the positive year!!! We will see the Goodness of God in our lives. And we can say... "Lord, you are so good to me!!! How good!!! How sweet!!!"

As we wake up to a brand new day, a brand new year, we see a brand new future ahead of us; as we see the sun rise on the road of our lives, we have this spirit of hope that there will be a new something waiting out there. Just wait. It's not yet the end of the rainbow... It's just the start.

Live a Life!!! Offer a Life!!! Share!!! Love!!! Be not afraid...

Fix your eyes on Jesus!!! (My Mission Statement for 2008)


Navotas City; January 01, 2008