Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Blessed Ivan goes to Navotas... and the Flame rises.

pic taken from the Christmas Party of the CCS in Quezon City; December 27, 2007

It was truly a remarkable happening for the Confraternity of Catholic Saints in the Diocese of Kalookan!!! And it is all due to Blessed Ivan Merz, one of the inspirations of CCS to go on and live in holiness.

Last April, the Director visited the House of Blessed Ivan in the City of Navotas, the Parish of Santa Cruz in Tanza. They came to see and bless the beginning of the Propagation of the Life of this Blessed on the Fishing Capital of the Philippines. The flame is getting kindled at that time.

Just last week, during the Christmas party of CCS in Quezon City, the Director and the Secretary-General presented the Pilgrim Image of Blessed Ivan Merz for the use of the CCS-Kalookan wing. With that are brochures and other paraphernalia for the use of the said wing. It was a very happy occasion for us.

Just this week, we received the positive response of the NavoteƱos to the Propagation! And it is indeed a blessing for us especially for this New Year. It is indeed giving us the motivation, and the strength we need to pursue and go on!

In behalf of my companion here in Navotas City, Fra. Adrian Millena, ccs, I would like to owe this great endeavour to God, to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Most of all, to the Star of the show, Blessed Ivan Merz, for never letting us down during all this time.

We pray that the Lord, through Blessed Ivan Merz, continue to shower his blessings and love to his people, so that we may live a life of Humility, Simplicity, and Praise!!!


Malabon City; January 02, 2008

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