Friday, August 22, 2008

Da Bday Week...

things that made my birthday week very,... amm.... exciting!

6. IT CAN BE DEFINED AS A VACACION IL GRANDE! Imagine, no classes on Monday, no classes as scheduled on Tuesday (My Birthday), classes suspended on Wednesday (eventhough I came to class for the first period. CMU suspended its classes by 10:15 AM), no classes on thursday (as scheduled.), and the Educ Week at CMU today (Yes, I came to school, minus the classes.).
5. MY BIRTHDAY WAS FULL OF INSECURITIES. Same shirt, different day. I wanted gifts, that's all... material gifts. Good thing, my brothers at the community reminded me of the real meaning of life, putting aside the material things. (Frail personality... what's new?)
4. THE FULL CIRCLE WAS AROUND ME. I had the community by Morning, recieving Fr. Jun's blessing for the whole year. The whole day was well-spent with my family by my side. Evening was spent with some of my fellow brothers at the Altar, and some of my classmates. Added with the text messages from the Fraters, Scholars and friends.
3. ENDEAVOURS GALORE!!! Educ Week: I had a cameo role in the Mass celebrated this morning as the server "to da rescue!"; adding the quiz bee, falling to 5th place because of little preparation. Tomorrow: I am one of the representatives for MAS to the diocesan Pastoral Planning Seminar-Workshop. That, among others. (acting like a busy body again!!!)
2. GREAT FOOD, GREAT CELEBRATION!!! Don't ask for the details. What made this item great was the food!!! Sandamakmak ang handa!!!
1. GOD IS BY MY SIDE. The statement tells its soul, AS ALWAYS. He had never let me down this week, to the point of slapping my face just making his presence known to me. This week will never be the best week of the year, because of Him.

I remember what my classmates said when they were at my place... "Cheers to Weldann, and to all his doings for this coming year!!!"
Well, I hope that it will go more deeper than that!



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