Saturday, August 16, 2008

Here Comes Da Wishes!!!



3. I saw this past year how the people around me accepted me as me (that's why I need wish no. 1. read on.), not putting aside those who are part of my Hall of Shame. They, in general, became a part of my life. But I'm not saying that it occurs all the tym. There are some instances that people, whether good or bad, don't understand what I'm trying to voice out. Well, it doesn't matter. This wish goes to them... I wish for them to live very good lives, to have nice friends and great enemies. I wish for them to live understanding their joys and sorrows, and to live according to the will of the Supremo.

2. I had this message days ago... You are not born to please them all! With that, I realized deeper what my mission is to God, and to people. Actually, this an annex of Wish number 1, only that this is concise. As for Wish No. 2 for this year, I wish that I may deeply realize what my life is, what my mission will be, and how can I live out my Baptism. I will not realize this wish without the help of everybody around me, and of God who watches over us.


1. As I carefully discern over the first wish (and the three in general), I realized that there is no more need to wish for anything. But deep inside me, I saw this need that I must ask for this coming year. I saw this year as a year of make-shifts, a year of masks. It was not the real me. And so, I wish that I would see the better me; I wish to see in my eyes the Weldann that I am supposed to be. I also wanted to arrange each and every priority that I have in my life. It is the same wish as the former years as wish no. 1, and I saw the reality of this wish. It's only that I need greater discernment. Besides, it's not got in just one blogging.

I had one special wish, which I wanted to tell everybody in private. I will open it up only to people who are in my network, esp. the Fraters. Watch out for it.

You know, I am carefully having everythng that I wanted in life, every material thing I wished - and continually wish - to have for this year (new shoes, a guitar kahit na pahiram lang, a J. Bible, the Christian Prayer that I recieved last year, and most of all, the gift of the Pilgrimage in Iloilo). But still, I have spiritual needs to be satisfied, thus these wishes. I pray that these wishes will not end in the blog, but may it be my staircase in understanding what I have in life.

With this, I end my 3 wishes. Thanks to all who greeted me in advance, and to all in the future.



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