Monday, September 29, 2008

a commitment... a dedication (special post for the 5th anniversary of CCS)

The 5th Anniversary of the Confraternity of Catholic Saints
October 01, 2008
"Limang Taong puno ng Pagpapala, ibahagi ang biyaya, Kabanalan ipamalita"

IT was last saturday when I received the letter from Fra. Francis stating the program for the 5th anniversary of the CCS on Sunday, Oct. 05. Actually, I was still asking myself if I am ready to dedicate (or shall we say... commit) myself on that day. It would be hard for me in the first place, since It will change my lifestyle a little bit more. In these times that I see myself as a broken sinner, a runaway servant, it would be really hard.

I am not saying this because I'm not really ready. I'm saying this because I know that this activity will help the five pioneer members discover more the importance of invoking the help of God through the Church and her Saints, and with that, we must be ready to face the challenges that lie behind. It will be a failure if the person to commit to this vow is not ready to do so.

Inspired of this, and as a way of celebrating the 5th year of CCS, I have here 5 questions to help everybody, especially the five pioneers, to cope up with the activities for Sunday...

1. Am I really proclaiming that "Holiness is very possible?"
- There are some of us who just entered CCS because they wanted relics, or they are attracted to the CCS Cross and the cope or something else (any oppositions?), when the real reason of entering the CCS is to be roasted in the oven of the Word of God, and be marinated with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, with the stuffings of the saints (I'm hungry!).

2. Are my prayers really for those intended?
- We know that the intentions (not putting the personal intentions behind) must be intended for the Pope, the Bishop, and for the unity in the Church. Well, still, there are some of us who do not pray for these people - worse, they do not pray at all.

3. Do I invoke the saints for the inspiration and strength I need?
- We are looped up in the worldly things - computers, cellphones, studies, fame, jobs, money. And believe me, we usually forget to pray to the white-robed army to get through, and get out of it.

4. Do we live a HOLY life?
- Same as number 1, but it has a different sense. Proclaiming is more powerful if it has living, since proclaiming is just telling, yet living is proclaiming with the deeds. Don't forget St. James' words... "Show me your faith, I'll show you my faith through good deeds."

5. After the Consecration, what's NEXT?
- I will tell you. After the activity on Sunday, I don't know what will happen to my life. But something's more important. After the consecration, we must live according to God's Will. It's that simple, and complex. Like, Man! how will it happen? Well... just let the wind blow.


As of the post time, the anniversary is just 6 days away. I invite you all to pray for everybody in the CCS, because I know that everybody is not ready to face the consecration (even the pioneers). It will happen if we rely on our strength.
And so, I invite you all to pray for us that we may rely on the grace of the Triune God who continues to sustain us in those times when we are down, and on those times when joy overflows from our hearts.

For the Cooperators and Scholars, please pray for your fraters. We are just... frail humans. we can't do it if we are alone. Pray for us that we may face the battles with the help of God and His Saints.

For the other fraters, pray for your pioneers. it's not because we so matander (older) than you, but because we are a part of a family, a ministry.

For my fellow Pioneers, we will never go this far without the Divine Will. Continue to strive for Holiness. I know, we can still make it through! God continues to love each and every one of us, and He will never let us down. Ngayon pa ba?

And to everybody, from the fraters, to the Cooperators, to the Scholars, and to our friends, A Very Fruitful Anniversary to each and everyone of us! Live accoring to Christ's word... DUC IN ALTUM!!!


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