Monday, September 08, 2008

A Special Poem to somebody I love the most...


She's just a simple girl
Born of the Israelite tribe
The fairest in all of Nazareth
And -so to say - in all humankind.

You can never say that she had the stain
Or even a drop of the eternal sin
For she was chosen among them all
To be the great mother of the God so supreme.

From the stable, we can see her
Holding the Word-flesh in her arms
Upon the Cross, she also stood
Seeing her son, entrusting her to us.

She lived a very holy life
upon death, she lived better:
Assumted up above,crowned as a queen
Lady and Mistress of the heavenly Court.

And so, on this day, We offer to her
All the honor and intercession
Because on this day, we remember
This was the day She was born.


September 08, 2008

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