Monday, October 06, 2008

The Aftermath of the Profession (Echoing the YES!!!)

How does it feel when you're in the situation when you are saying the sweet 3-letter word YES to the Lord?


How did it happen? Look at the scenario. You are in the midst of terror and fright in your life. You are scourged and crowned with the thorns of iniquity and self-pity. You are fed with sexuality and base passions. Most of all, you are wearing the cap of pride and hatred. Then all of a sudden, you are there, face-to-face with God who is telling you, "come to me, proclaim my Good news! Tell everyonme that Holiness is very possible!" Now. tell me, isn't it complicated?

When you say that yes, it would mean you are ready to leave everything. Certainly a puzzle for me. I am asking myself last night, how? how can I do this, when I know that sin is still in my veins? It's still like you are trying to get loose from the chains of the world. Something that I must do in order to get really involved in the Vineyard. When I am telling the words of profession, it's like telling me, "Bitoy, simula sa araw na ito, titigil ka na sa pagiging ganito, pagiging ganyan, at lahat-lahat na. Kakayanin mo ba?" And me answering, "Lord, alam mo na hindi ko kaya kung sa akin lang. Tinawag mo ako dito four years ago, kasi alam mo na may misyon ako para sa kapatiran na ito. Paano ko sasabihing hindi, kung nandyan ka naman?"

You know what, guys, it's like a fulfilling moment after that, despite the oppositions I received when I returned to Tanza. It's not leaving the Way for CCS, but it's more of an enrichment activity for me, who's walking in the Neo Catechumenate. I realized that the mission I have in CCS will never be deepened if I'm not walking in the Way, and what I'm undertaking in the Way will never be understood without the CCS. Both the Way and the CCS teaches me to live according to the Gospel, in the spirit of Baptism, and the inspiration of the saints. In other words, it's like a tripod, with the MAS in the other foot.

I give thanks to the lord who never retires of giving his people life and love. I am because I know, CCS will never be CCS, Dave will never be Dave, Lloyd will never be Lloyd, Matthew will never be Matthew, and I will never be me without Him who sustains us with every best gift he could give. In realization, The 5th anniversary of CCS will never be a success with the Triune God, our Lord and Master. I pray that we will forver remain faithful to this profession we made. Yes, we cannot do it without Him. DEO GRATIAS!

Thanks also to those people who shared with our joy yesterday. Most of all, to our parents who gave us the reason to be holy: the act of giving us the chance to live. Thanks also to the Cooperators, Scholars, visitors and friends who were there to be with us in that moment of Joy.

Back to the intro...

How does it feel when you're in the situation when you are saying the sweet 3-letter word YES to the Lord?


But yes, it is still sweet, because God is there. He loves us, and will guide us to the fulfilling of the profession we made!!!



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