Monday, October 13, 2008


events that will shape my destiny for the coming weeks...


6. FR. JUN IS LEAVING... And everybody is saddened with the news. he is due to leave SCP on Oct. 30, so that he can proceed to the San roque Cathedral, Caloocan City on Nov. 01.
5. AND FR. JUN REPLACES FR. JUN! Don't be confused! The Other Fr. Jun to replace the present parish priest is Rev. Fr. Jun de guzman, the newly-ordained priest of the Diocese of Kalookan. As of now, he is the Parochial Vicar of Immaculate Conception Parish in Malabon City.
4. MAS-VSB IN ACTION. And not only VSB, but it is also in the diocese. There is this DMAS Planning session in Balite, Batangas (Marian orchard) from the 28th to the 30th of the month. After that, there is an outpour of the activites for the vicariate. hahahayyyy!!!
3. SEM BREAK NAH!!! This coming week will be the last week of the 1st sem for SY 08-09. naka-5 months na pala!!! hard time with the finals, added up with some projects, and a demo teaching ... but it's still worth it, malapit na kasi.
2. SOMEBODY DUMPED ME THIS PAST WEEK. but for this time, for the good. It would be nice if I would tell about this post... I am falling again... with St. Francis of Assisi!!! How come? There's this book entitled "Walking with Brother Francis" It's a devotional about St. Francis, with some of his writings, and prayers for spiritual nourishment.
1. HOLINESS... THE FRATERS... AND THE PROFESSION! For more of this, take a glance at my last post. It's overwhelming, I can still feel the thrill until now! I continue to give thanks to the Lord who gave us the strength to go on, despite the hardships.


That pic you can see above is taken from a very sunny afternoon, last Oct. 04, 2008. For me, it's a sign of a God watching over his people, giving us the pillar of cloud to be our guide as we walk the path of holiness and sanctity.

With that, I close this installment of the Top Six!

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