Monday, January 05, 2009


The Third day of January was a red-letter day as the Confraternity of Catholic Saints held its First General Assembly at the Adoration Chapel of its mother parish, the Transfiguration of Our Lord Parish, Cubao, Quezon City. Its aim is to orient the whole community with the aims and activites of the CCS for the Year 2009. It was attended by the Professed Fraters and its Scholars.

The gathering started with the Celebration of the Word of God. It gave a clearer focus on the Words of St. John the Baptist, "He must increase, I must decrease." Fra. Francis Teresa Ma., the Frater Director, applied it to the present situation of the CCS, stating that as workers in the Lord's Vineyard, "we must decrease so that Jesus, in turn, may increase in our ministry... and in the Church in general."

After a period of silence, the Session began with an overview of the Mission-Vision, Core-values, Spiritualiuty and Apostolate of the Confraternity, explaining - and refreshing - each detail to all its members. The 5-point agenda for the Year 2009 was also presented as the main goals of the CCS for the New Fiscal Year about to be realized. Important dates were also noted so that the Fraters and Scholars (not forgetting the Cooperators) may get acquainted with the Activites of the Community for the coming year.

Special Rosaries(made by the Fra. Director) were also given to all those present, as an invitation and call to each frater and scholar to "pray without ceasing." It must be noted here that the rosaries given to the Fraters has some items important to the Fra. Director, so as to remind them of their ministry of prayer and of their special bond with the Confraternity, and especially with the director. Appointment letters were also presented to the Newly-appointed officers for the Year 2009. The said officers were expected to do their offices with Joy and Humility, as it did when they accepted their letters.

Towards the end of the assembly, those present were given the chance to give words of encouragement for their fellow mwmbers. The Fraters gave their response through words of courage, peace and persevearance for their fellow fraters and scholars. The Scholars, in turn, thanked God and the CCS for the chance given to them to become part of the Scholarship Program. After this, all prayed the Holy Rosary, asking God to bless and guide the CCS as they begin the new year of Ministry and Holiness. After some notes from the director regarding fasting and abstinence on certain days, all enjoyed a hearty lunch as they celebrated the Community Day and the success of another activity in the life of the Confraternity.


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