Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Deeper Realizations, Part 2...

Hours after the posting of the Deeper Realizations(a post regarding the present situation of yours truly, and the text message I recieved last night from Fra. Francis), I realized that I MUST BE BLAMED for everything that happened in the Ministry of Altar Servers of the Parish of Santa Cruz.

Why me?

kasi, ako lang naman ang nag-iisip ng ganito sa Ministry. Frater Francis told me that there's a problem with the present officers. But I later thought, there's a problem with me as well... a BIG problem.

I don't want to think of it anymore.

But one thing's important...

I accepted the position as Property Custodian with great respect to the position.
I don't want to end up blaming them - and me - for not doing the post.

I'm still in the Ministry, and so, I have the freedom now as an Altar Server.
I may choose not to attend meetings.
I may opt to serve even when there's a schedule.
I may even make decisions on my own, even without their consent, if it's all about me and my service.

I'm still in the Ministry, and yet, I have entered a brand new world in the Service of the Church... as a lector.
I am given the chance to proclaim God's Word
I am blessed with a new company of the "same faces".
I am free from the chains of the childhood days of service, and now, have entered the adult view of service.

This is a brand new thing for me, and as I celebrate my fifth year of service this year (Feb. 01, 2009), this has opened my eyes - and the doors of my heart - to new heights.

I pray that this scene in my life may never bring me to pride and selfishness; rather, let this be a pathway for me to discover my unknown talents and challenges.



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