Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Deeper Realizations...

I recieved a text message last night from the Frater Director. It stated...

count the blessings of the people who love and care for you rather than your sufferings.

I realized a lot of things from this message.

Here I am, facing a serious problem in the Ministry, and having a handful of hardships. Iniisip kong ako na ang pinakaaba sa buong parokya dahil sa mga pinagdadaanan ko. I continue to convince myself that this is not true, that I'm clean, that I'm sinless in the face of the dilemma. That I'm not worthy to suffer this great deal.

That's the time that God gave me a big slap on the face.

You know what, guys, we can be holy if we suffer much. in the midst of the problems, we can see God. in the problems, we can see God. Yes, we see him in joyous times, but we see him more when we are upside down. That's the time when God is giving us and tap and says to us, "Kurdapya, Gorgonio,... nalilimutan mo na ako." then we realize, "oo nga, nalilimutan ko na ang Diyos."

Anyway, why do we always count the negative? That's the bad side of each and everyone of us. we always blame and blame others because of their wrongdoings, and yet we never see ourselves. Worse, we do not see the positive side of our neighbor. isang tama, sampung mali, as the song goes.

instead of blaming, what can't we help the person in improving his personalities? That's what's going on and brewing in my mind right now. As I'm asking you, I'm also asking myself. Kasi, ito rin ang personalidad ko. Nowadays, I see myself blaming and cursing and hitting people at their backs. When I'm praising others, I'm also cursing... (oh yes, ganun po ako.), and it's the bad side of me, something that I must change and turn into positive.

MASAKIT, PERO TOTOO. Truly, in our world right now, we see lots and lots of people ending their own lives because of the curse of others. Confiteor, I am among those who curse and praise at the same time. PLASTIK, KUNG BAGA.

count the blessings of the people who love and care for you rather than your sufferings.

It's hard to do it, and yes, it would take us lots of pride to do it. But yet, look at the possibilities!!! There's nothing bad with doing it.

Why don't we start now?

Look around you...


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