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I learned how to recite the Rosary when I was in Grade 3. I don't know how to recite it at first, and one more thing, masyadong nakakabagot kung dadasalin ang 5 decades. But later did I realized that these beads will teach me how to pray, and indeed, it became my shield in times of trouble. Eventually, it will take me to where I am right now. I am really thankful, and I would always say, hindi ako mapapadpad sa kung nasaan ako kung hindi ako humingi ng saklolo sa ating Mahal na Ina. Siya ang nagdala sa akin sa kung nasaan ako ngayon...

Anyway, why did I posted an article related to the topic?

I will share with you two incidents that are related to Our Lady's Rosary, one good and one bad.

Last January 03, within the General Assembly of CCS, Fra. Francis (my dear Kuya Dave) gave each one of us a special rosary. Why special? First, he made it; second, each of the Fraters' Rosaries has a special something from Fra. Francis. As for my rosary, It has a VERY BIG Cross. Fra shared that it came all the way back to the first time he received the Most Precious Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ. At first, I reacted, Susmaryosep! Parang sinabi mong wala kaming Krus sa bahay!!! But later, I realized that the Big Cross means something... THAT CHRIST SUFFERED A BIG DEAL. SOMETHING THAT I TURN TO COMPROMISE AT TIMES. Yes, that is my reality up until post time. Everytime I see this Sacramental, I feel God's loving presence. This always reminds me that Jesus Died for me, and for everybody... and that Mary is on His side on that tragic day... and beside me everytime I pray along the sacred beads.

The other story happened just this morning. I have another Rosary which Fr. Jun Erlano gave me October 2007. It came from the Holy Land. It is placed on my left pocket, with my hankie, for me to remember that I have something sacred within my person. It so happened that it was in my bag when I rode a jeepney on the way to CMU. I felt iffy that the Rosary wasn't in my pocket, so I placed it back on its proper place, where it belonged everytime I go somewhere. When I got out of the jeep and felt my left pocket I realized... SHOCKS! THE ROSARY IS NOT THERE ANYMORE!!! I thought, what shall I do? That gave me deep goosebumps on that moment. Later, I realized, the Rosary must leave me... and it must be turned-over to somebdy else to continue its mission of proclaiming God's Love. Hindi siya issue ng pagkaburara, at hindi na rin ako nanghinayang. Why? First, The Rosary is not just for me, I thought, but it is also for every Catholic Christian that is in need of Prayer; Second, Fr. Jun gave me another Rosary way back November 2006, so in reality, I have 2 rosaries from the Holy Land. Well, blessing in disguise for the person who took it, and I pray that the Driver of that jeepney took it and kept it to his possession.


I once heard this verse...

don't worry for anything, but pray for everything...

In these times that the World is on a great catastrophe, and man is always worrying about himself and the days that lie ahead of him, why don't we turn to God? It seemed as if we are worrying about everything in our materialistic life, and forgetting the One True Supremo, who created us, and everything we need.

Go! Pick-up your Rosary, and Pray with its beads!!!

Mary is with you, praying with you and for you. God, in turn, will never deafen his ears for those who pray to Him with confidence.

"...I look to all of you, brothers and sisters of every state of life, to you, Christian families, to you, the sick and elderly, and to you, young people: confidently take up the Rosary once again. Rediscover the Rosary in the light of Scripture, in harmony with the Liturgy, and in the context of your daily lives..."
- Servant of God, Pope John Paul II

JoEzeMa, ccs

pics courtesy of Fra. Francis Teresa Maria, ccs

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