Thursday, July 30, 2009

Akala Mo... ? malay. (Bpost Series #4)

bitoy panganiban said

"Akala ko wala nang magagawa Yun Pala meron pa.."

Lahat tayo maraming maling akala sa buhay, maliit man o malaki. Kung gusto mo i-tama ang mga maling akala, mag log-on ka sa

Monday, July 20, 2009

What's in a face...? (Bpost series #2)

In a mother's face... You see love, care and affection only she can give.
In a father's face... You see hardwork, perseverance, and quality of job.
In a brother's face... You see a fighter, somebody whom you can share your insights.
In a sister's face... You see cheerfulness, and being carefree.
In a friend's face... You see a crying shoulder, a thoughtful thing to imagine.
In a priest's face... You see God in form of Man, a manifestation that God is really with us.
In an enemy's face... You see the strength to carry on despite every trial and despair.
In a child's face...You see innocence and curiosity, a must for each of us.
In an elder's face... You see years of overcoming trials and sufferings.
In a teacher's face... You see knowledge and wisdom.

In your face... I see God.
In my face... I see (what's next to this?).

JoEzeMa,ccs :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

19 sa 19... THE KICK-OFF POST!!!

As I begin the countdown to my Bday this year, let me start the series of posts by having another list of my FIRST TIMES for this year.

now... what are they again? Last year, I shared with you how the word First is related to Seventeen. Now, I will share with you the relation of First to Eighteen.

I remember that my eighteenth year was the year when I had...

> my First Birthday when everybody was invited... the complete cast of last year was realized more deeply this year, because everybody was present, from the community to the family, to the Fraters, even my classmates were there! (081908)
> my First Birthday week without classes, because of the typhoon or other activities. (0818/2209)
> my First time to host a game show in Fr. Jun's Birthday. (091908)
> my First time to enter the Convent through going up the door... just to give our Early Morning Greetings to Fr. Jun (091908) and Fr. Junjun. (110808)
> my First barkada in CMU... the GHOY GHANG! (090608)
> my First time to experience a change of Priests... from Fr. Jun to Fr. Junjun. (103108)
> my own share of the First Batch of CCS Fraters to have Consecration and Profession. (100509)
> my First batch of Frater Aspirants... from four down to two. (053009)
> my First time to be a part of the Highly-coveted Parish Pastoral Council, particularly in the Worship Ministry. (012509)
> my first time to be involved in the Vicariate Servers as a secretary. (092808)
> my first time to have two pairs of shoes... which fits my foot well! (060509)
> my first time to have a computer in the house... (012309)
>... and my first time to post a blog in my house! (030909)
> my First time to ignore classes, and tohave a INC in my class card because of my negligence (040209)
> my First time to be very busy with the Liturgy of the Holy Week... (0405/1209)
>... and the Parish Day and Fiesta 2009. (042809/050909)
> my First time to be a Vice-President of the class (070409)
> and my First time to be appointed Master of Ceremonies of the Parish (071009)
> my First time to break out because of the Problems in the Ministry. (010509)
> my First Time to serve in the Christmas Eve Mass. (122408)
> and my First Time not to serve in the New Year's Eve Mass. (123108)
> my First time to serve in Bp. Deo's Mass as Lector... and also my First Time to serve the parish as Lector (050809)
> my First time to go to Cubao several times. (April-May 09)
> my First Time to create a Multiply Site which defines my soul. (May 09)
> my First Time to swim in a Hot Spring! (060609)
> my First time to set foot in Fr. Junjun's House. (071509)
> my First Time to be in a close encounter with Seminarians of the Diocese. (December 08/Summer 09)
> my First time to be involved in a great room change. (May 09)
> and my First Time to be busy... yet balanced. (Whole Year, 081908/09)

Well, this is just some of the first times that I had when I was 18 years old. Firsts that I would never forget in the years to come.

Oh and I forgot... this was also the Year when I had become LEGAL... IN AGE!

Just the first post... and more to come!!!

JoEzeMa,ccs :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

after a few weeks...

a quick drowse-off of the things, endeavours, and rendezvous that I had undergone these past few weeks while I'm not around the webbie world...

> First news... I was appointed Master of Ceremonies by Fr. Junjun de Guzman... as we are having our breakfast last Friday. Man! I certainly do not know what to do... looking at my forefathers (Fra. Dave, Fr. Boyet Pedroso... the Diocesan MC of Kalookan, et. al.), and replacing my feet with theirs, my first thoughts were... parang di ko kakayanin! Wala pa akong proper training, hindi ko pa masyadong galamay ang liturhiya... But I was startled with Padre's words... You are not worthy... but you are CALLED. ( tsaka isa pa, madali namang maging MC... basahin mo lang ang mga rites!) I pray that God may guide me more... with the help of my forefathers. Fra. Francis, HELP ME!!!!

> Pahirap na Sem ito!!! kaliwa't kanang mga reporting, magugulong discussion, madugong mga exam... wow! Who said that Third Year is easy??? To those who are heading their way to Third Year BSE... MAGHANDA NA KAYO!!!

> Nagsimula ang Year of the Priests and the Two Hearts sa SCP last Sunday. First job of the day: LAUDS. Well, that's not a part of the main program, pero we also began reciting Lauds with the people of 6:00 AM Mass. Kakapagod ang paggawa ng acetate copies, pero still, managed pa rin! And the end result... Success!!!

> Haggardness sa gulo!!! Suko na ang powers ng lolo mo sa mga kaguluhan sa paligid, at parang isa na lang ang masasabi ko sa mga nais manggulo sa buhay ko... please lang! MATUTULOG MUNA AKO... PUYAT AKO EH!

> 19 SA 19!!! The kick-off B-Post for A19/09 Series will begin on July 18, wala kasi ako sa 19, I will be on the Basic Formation for the new members of SMW in the Diocese. Pray for us anyway.

...ito na lang muna sa ngayon... See you sometime... pag may net na kami ulit.

JoEzeMa,ccs :)