Monday, August 03, 2009

From One to Another... this time, it's CORY. (Bpost Series #5)

(August 03, 2009: the Yellow Ribbon and the Half-mast Flag at CMU)

From the King of Philippine Rap...

to the King of Pop...
and now,
the next in line is the Icon of Philippine Democracy...
the Lady of EDSA.

Since last Saturday, I've been hearing of the news of Cory's death. and deep inside, I'm very moved by how the whole nation, including me, sadly accepted the shocking news of the day.
For me personally, as a filipino of the new generation, I have no idea of what happened in 1986, five years before I was born. But in what I am seeing from Saturday up until early today, I can picture in my mind the events in which I have no idea what really happened.
I thank God for Mrs. Aquino, because all throughout her seventy-six years of adventure and challenges, I can see that He never left Cory alone. From the moment of birth, up to the EDSA days, and until now that she's not with us anymore, God is with her. That's the reality of Cory's life. The Reality of God's immense love for His servants.
From her life, I can clearly see three lessons to ponder for us, the new breed of Filipinos...
1. Have a deep love for the nation. When you see that your country is in deep wave of problems, don't just sit there reading my blog and doing nothing. Like Cory, we must fight and defend our motherland and its democracy from its enemies, both outside and inside.
2. Every ONE can. Cory is a woman. and she ousted the mad dictator of her time. like her, we must be brave enough to oust the mad dictators of our lives... PRIDE. and Everyone, yes, everyone can do it. No gender discrimination.
3. Have a deep faith in GOD. Cory's life is one of deep prayer and confidence in her Creator. something that most of us lack. Let us not be contented with the material things, and let us not depend on ourselves only. let us always remember that God is just a prayer away to guide us. Look at Cory. before running for president, she spent quality time praying. She never wasted her time in waste, always spending some time to talk with the Lord. Because of that, she was given the most beautiful gift God can give... BEAUTIFUL and HAPPY DEATH.

I enjoin my prayers with the whole Nation. I mourn for her passing, yet I am enjoyed with the fact that she is already with the Lord, and with her husband Ninoy. She is there, praying with us and for us.

Opo, ma'am Cory! ipagpapatuloy namin ang iyong nasimulan!
Tuloy ang Laban!

R.I.P. Amen.

JoEzeMa,ccs :)

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