Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Wishes... here we go...


Let's give out, share all and live up!

My wishes this year, are not so good like last year. Last year, it is a repeatition of the other year's three wishes. It took me days to compose this. The wishes are for those who have been my... best bullyists, and enemies, as well as for those who are not sensitive enough.

and here we go...

3. The third wish this year goes to those who have been a part of my wall of shame. They are those people who led me, in one way to another, to discouragement. They are those who made my world balance, those who remind me, that this world is not a perfect one. Kung hindi dahil sa kanila, hindi ako magiging matatag kahit na ako'y hirap na hirap na. This wish goes to them. I wish that they may see the reality that they are not the perfect people that they are thinking. I wish also that they may be more responsible with what they are doing.

2. This wish goes to those people who had been senseless with what I needed. They are those who were acting as if wala silang pakialam. When I needed them, they are those who tend to close their mouths, or worse, go with the flow and laugh at my misery, not knowing what I'm into. This one is for them. I wish that they would be more sensitive to what are the needs of others. I wish that they would not tend to be like robots, who would laugh when told to, or cry when said so. I wish for them to be more observant with what's going on.


1. This wish goes to me. After realizing that the people around me gave me the attention I needed, it's now my turn to look at their sighs. My Primary Wish this year is for me to see the real thing, not what I wish to see. I know that this would be hard, but I pray that this year, I would not look for what I want, but for what they want me to be. In other words, I wish that I would be reality-based, not fantasized, but keeping my feet on the ground despite the responsibility I have.


A Year is closing,... what a year! It's very depressing, very suffocating, but still, it was worth it. This was that year when I entered an ocean of challenges, and remained standing. I would never do it without the help of those who were involved in my life.

This is my chance to say Thank You!!! ...

> to those who had been my acquaintances this past year.
> to those who had never left my side in times of trouble.
> to those who had made my life a mixture of bitter and sweet.
> to those who had been my crying shoulder for this year.
> to those who had believed that I can do it, even if I am frail and weak.
> to those who still believed me, eventhough I failed them.
> to those who still have trust in me, no matter what.

Salamat, salamat, salamat sa inyong lahat!!!

But most of all, I would like to say thank you to The One! Lord, you are The all-knowing, and you knew that I must enter this vast ocean in order to be tough and cool. It's all because of you! THANK YOU!!! MARAMING SALAMAT PO!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!

And so, another year is closing. Pray for me that this year would be a very nice year for me. I would pray for you all.

Thank You all!!! and a very Happy Birthday and Feastday to me!!!

HAPPY 19 SA 19 SA AKIN!!! hehe.....

JoEzeMa,ccs :)

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