Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama Mary.... and other posts.

It's Mama Mary's Birthday Tomorrow!
And with that in mind, the Parish Pastoral Council, through the Worship Ministry, prepared a very happy program this coming Tuesday. The thing is... it will happen first thing in the morning. Madugo na naman ito. And yes, it is. As the over-all in-charge of the program proper, I felt that there were many lapses in tomorrow's Ma�anita Alay kay Inang Maria. Parang may napakalaking kulang. If you would ask me, talagang kinakabahan ako with what would happen tomorrow. There are groups having their presentations left unprepared, well, because of the time constraint. But still, it's just a little matter, a little problem, compared with the giants of life.
Well, life, in its greatest sense, is full of problems. Hindi naman mawawala iyun. It's how you bear to it, and how you handle every single problem you have. Kahit na mahirap, still, you live, eh. OO, there are times when you go alone, sitting in a corner, feeling desolate. It's natural. But look at the other side of life... There are many opportunities waiting. It would knock. You'd better open it.

In the end of all this, It's still a matter between you and your God... How you lived your life in the right way is all that matters. No ban whatsoever would define your personality. It would never describe you. Eventhough there are bans regarding your wrongdoings, still, after the ban is lifted, you're still on your own. YOU'RE STILL ON YOUR OWN.

Happy Birthday, Mama Mary!!!

JoEzeMa,ccs :)

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