Saturday, September 19, 2009

On my leave...

it was nearly a week now since I began my leave from all the parish work. For one note, parang nakakapanibago yung not waking up early during weekdays, and staying up for 15 hours during Sundays. For most, parang gusto ninyong sabihin na pinapatay ko na ang sarili ko, but for me, it's my way of giving service to the Lord and to the community.

Pero amidst all of that, parang I'm feeling an emotional overfatigue. Maybe because of all those issues I've undergone from the past, that makes me call for a month of leave. Parang you are there in the battlefield, na biglang pumasok sa utak mo... Lagi na lang bang ganito? Can't I take a break?

Well, yun nga ang pumasok sa utak ko,... thus, the leave.

But despite all that, there's still that urge inside me. An urge to go there and render service. I try to reprimand myself. After all, it's more of a privilege. It's for my benefit rin naman. After this month, I can go on with my usual way... with a cleared mind. I know, I know.

JoEzeMa,ccs :)

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