Friday, September 25, 2009

Still on my leave...

Day 11 of the 31-day leave...

After the past days, the Lord is still calling me to service. Kahit na ayaw kong gumalaw sa parish community as secretary, still, the circumstances speak for itself. I'm still needed.

Actually, my resolution is to try not to appear from the parish community, so as to have time to reflect.

Pero after eleven days, the resolution... changed. I resolved to be the cameraman, behind the artists. At least, gumalaw man ako, hindi pa rin ako yung nasa forefront. And it would go on for one month.

I'm still moving, but not that quite. Maraming naghahanap sa akin, pero I offer this petty sacrifice of leaving for some recollection.

In the first place naman, my responsibility is to foster goodwill in the community, and not to run behind the problems.

I pray that I would go on, despite the leave.

Yun lang.

JoEzeMa,ccs :)

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