Wednesday, January 06, 2010

HNY.2010 experience...


Sadly, my sissie's cam was lost (not my fault) days before the change of year. How I wish I captured the sight, sounds, and joys of the New Year. However, the sights that I saw on the first minutes of the Second Decade of the New Millenium made a real consolation. hehehe...

The Fireworks of the minute that we saw in the neighborhood was scarcer than what we saw last year (well, parang aminado na yata yung iba na wala na silang pera pambili ng sosyal na fireworks), but that lighted the high spirit of hope in our hearts that the coming year would be a safer, happier, and more perosperous one.

Before the year ended, I came to be with the ones I love, as I started the year with them (Diosdado, Fr. Junjun and the SCP Family). And as well, during the final moments of 2009, and first moments of 2010, I was with the ones I love the most - my family. Truly, this was a moment of a real family bonding without compare.

High sounds ("Hallelujah" by Milk and Honey, of course) wrapped the revelry of the night, the TV tuned to Channel 7 (Kapuso talaga!!!), and all the lights on. Eventhough there was an electric surge two minutes before the NY, we still managed to have everything set within the last minute.

I thank the Lord that he'd let us pass between the two years in a very good shape. A Very good start to a Happy New Year,... and to a Very boring day.

After the first few hours, the reverse thing happened. The day turned blue, and it felt that it wasn't New Year at all. Parang it was just another Friday added with much pomp, trash everywhere, and nothing to do but rest, after the very long day.

It was a day of chatting (ym) and facebook. It was a day with my "anak", and my mommy.

It was really the HNY.2010 Day. It's just that I'd let the boredom in, making it just a friday. Anyway, what's important is this: the first minutes of 2010 for me was a happy one, hoping that it would extend till the next 364 days.

Asking myself, what is my wishlist for 2010?, here are my answers...

- A New Camera, mine and not borrowed, so that I could capture the priceless moments that 2010 has to offer.
- New friends with whom I can share old and new experiences.
- New studying habits, para at least maka-cope up ako with my mistakes, scholastically speaking.
- Spirit of humility and hard work so that I can do all the tasks and jobs that 2010 has in store with all humbleness and love.

and most of all,
- Lots and lots of love and support from everyone, more than I received last year. Hindi ako manhid, I just want more. hehehe.

With this, I end my post. I pray that the New Year would be as happy as it can be. And Blessed and Holy, too!


JoEzeMa,ccs :)