Friday, February 12, 2010

da Gud Old Deyz.... Post No.1

(This post would start the series of posts for this year, entitled "Da Gud Old Deyz...", that would reflect my joys and sorrows during these past 20 years. Please, take the pleasure of viewing my blogpost series...)


As a jumpstart to the post series, let me share with you this picture of the Altar Servers of Santa Cruz Parish, then under Fr. Jun Erlano. It was taken sometime in the Summer of 2007.

Back then, we are not under so much pressure. Mando (3rd Row, extreme Right) served as the Assistant to the Parish Priest, while I (3rd Row, 6th from left) served as their secretary. Now, we are facing so much pressure... Mando left with Fr. Jun during the great leave of 2008, while I served as the secretary... of the Worship Ministry of the Parish.

Back then, Jayson (1st Row, the boy in the middle) was Grade 5, a newbie in the ministry. Now, he is in First Year High School, and at present, he is the Treasurer of the group.

Then, Aries (2nd Row, extreme left) was just an ordinary server, with no expectations. Now, much is expected from him, since he is the Assistant Coordinator of the Ministry, and so far, the oldest in the group.

From that picture to the present status of the Ministry of the parish, many changes occurred.
> Almost all of us were not already connected to the Ministry of Altar Servers. (I'm now connected with the Special Ministry of the Word of the Parish.)
> Those who looked young then... still looked young now... when they're asleep.
> Most importantly, Fr. Jun is not around anymore, he was replaced by Fr. Junjun de Guzman.

Why a part of the Gud Old Deyz?
It's simple. It served as a mirror of my past service to the community. back then, I was just a quiet server, trying to make my point in the community. That was six years ago...

Six years after, I made my point, and I'm working on it, eventhough it hurts, although it made me sacrifice a lot. What's important is I continue working for God, and for the Church.

That makes this pic a part of the Gud Old Deyz...

JoEzeMa,ccs :)

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