Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ZEKE XX: What it is without water?

As I was passing by the market on the way to school, I read the headline in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. It says there, "JUNE WAS HOTTEST MONTH EVER."

According to the news, the global land and ocean temperatures reached 61.1 degrees farenheit (or 16.2 degrees celsius), a way higher than the recorded temperature in 1880.

That could possibly explain why I was drenching on my own sweat while resting on those hot afternoons in the house, or why my professor's voice get drenched out while teaching Remedial Instructions in English.

But most of all, that would explain the main reason why the Angat Dam fell - and is still - on its record low level. That's the reason why we are thirsting for water, when we cannot have access to it. That's the reason why there are pails and drums parked in the streets, waiting for the ration for water. That's the reason why there is the so-called WATER SHORTAGE.

Now, look at what we've done.

For somebody who have put their life in water so much that he abused it, now look at the outcome. At one point, we blame the people in-charge of the water supply, why they have let the supply go a drastic low. They blame the in-charge of the dam for negligence, and the blaming continues. Look at the blame comedy!

But at one point, there are still reason to blame us commoners for this catasthrophe. For how many times throughout the last two or three decades, we are told to conserve water, to take care of our environment, and to suffer the consequences if we do not take action for this.

Well, it seems as if we opt to choose the third option, to continue our wrongdoings against Mother Earth and sit down and wait for the hitback.

Ladies and Gents, here is the outcome we have all been waiting for. Continue to sit there and do nothing? Wanna help these old women lift their heavy carriage? All these, they suffer because of our wrongdoing.

Don't just sit there and do nothing. Save water while there is still a supply worth for you!


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