Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bp. Deo's experience... my own as well.

Bishop Deo: DEO GRATIAS!

Archbishop Edward Joseph Adams, Papal Nuncio to the Philippines, with a Bishop-concelebrant.

The Kalookan Clergy with Bishop Deo and the Papal Nuncio

I was really proud to be among the flood of people who flocked to San Bartolome Parish in Malabon yesterday to give thanks to God for Bishop Deo's Episcopal Silver Jubilee Mass. It was attended well and good by Bishops and Archbishops, notably Most Rev. Edward Joseph Adams (our Papal Nuncio), and also by prominent people in the political world (notably Mayor Tito and Vice Mayor Lenlen Oreta, Hon. Teofisto Guingona Jr., and Bro. Eddie Villanueva). But most of all, it was attended by the people close to the bishop's heart, the people of the Diocese of Kalookan, and his immediate family led by his beloved Nanay Emilia IƱiguez (still alive and kicking at age 95!).

Though her being hesitant, God gave me the blessing of borrowing my sister's DSLR cam for the occasion (Thanks, dete!). Through that camera, I caught shots of the event first hand, together with the cameramen positioned in the front of the church. I never got away from the pulpit of the church for fear of mis-reverence to the sacred occasion. Thank God, I still had good shots of the celebration (though I was reprimanded by my fellow cameraman that I should never take slant shots of solemn occasions. Lesson learned.).

As for me, I could cite many important and cherishing moments within the Mass. I would share it through pictures...
After the Papal Nuncio's homily, he proceeded to Bishop Deo to give him a brotherly embrace. In his homily, he shared what it is to have a bishop. we cannot imagine the Church without a Bishop.... Having a Bishop is a blessing... These are the noting phrases that stocked to my memory after the long homily of the Nuncio. But though it is long, it is full of juice and meat for those who graced the Mass. The embrace is full of meaning. Like brothers embracing each other, it was like in fron t of a thousand people, Jesus himself said to Bishop Deo, "Job well done."

Another was when it was Bishop Deo's turn to speak. Aside from the usual thanks he gave to all the people attended, he also asked forgiveness for anything and everything wrong he may have done. When I personally heard those words, I don't know what would my emotion should be, if I would be glad or if tears would run down my cheeks. Hearing a bishop speak of these words - in all actuality - is uncommon. As my friend said of the moment, Tunay na ang inyong Obispo ay isang Obispo na may kababaang-loob. Tunay na karapat-dapat siyang maging isang Obispo... Ang swerte ninyo, siya ang inyong Bishop.

But the most noting was a personal experience. It happened after I took this stolen shot of the Papal Nuncio. I approached him to kiss his ring (Note that this was the second time that I attended a Mass with the Papal Nuncio; the first was in 2007 at San Roque Cathedral. It was presided by Arch. Filoni, then Papal Nuncio. Yet, it was my first time to approach and kiss the Nuncio's ring.)
As I approach him, there are nuns and lay talking to him, and asking him a picture. I did not asked a pic or like that. In all humility, I just said, "Hello po," and approached for his hand to kiss his ring. I did kiss the ring, yet when I was through, and ready to let go of his hand, he actually did not stop holding my hand. I was a little bit shocked. I thought, Am I doing something wrong? I looked at the Nuncio's face, and he was smiling at me. I smiled back, and it was then that he took the grip off my hand. At that instant, I was comforted for whatever reason.

At the end of the day, I thanked God for the grace of Bishop Deo, and everything that I experienced on the whole day, especially the Jubilee Mass. 25 Years only comes once. And for the Diocese of Kalookan, and for me personally, I am proud that I became part of this historic event in the life of my Dear Bishop Deo.

Another thing? It happened two days after my 20th Birthday. I was really happy that the event coincided days after my Lifeday. I know that this year would be a year of abundant blessings from God for me and for everyone who is dear to me.

I continually shout with everyone: Salamat sa Diyos! DEO GRATIAS!!!

KuyaZeke,ccs_082210 :)

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