Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WedPost: MAJOR MAJOR Victory, MAJOR MAJOR Tragedy, MAJOR MAJOR Pageant...


These set of words became the word of the day after Ms. Venus Raj became hesitant in answering the question in the Ms. Universe Pageant last Aug. 23. The question goes like this, "What was the biggest mistake that you have ever done to your life and what did you do to make it right?"

She replied, "You know what, sir, in my 22 years of existence, I can say that there's nothing major major problem that I've done in my life because I'm very confident with my family, with the love that they are giving to me. So thank you so much that I'm here. Thank you, thank you so much!"

Because of that very safe answer, she landed the 4th place in the prestigious competition. Nice job, after all that she had undergone. From being almost deprived of the privilege, she stood victorious after all. However, she deserves more than that because of her high popularity before the pageant night. She led the internet votes. She became one of the judges' top picks. She was there...

... almost, if not because of that answer. Well, on the lighter side, the phrase Major Major became a top hit not only in gossip but also in the netizen world. It became the replacement of the Bekimon expression Bonggang-bongga. Proof that Ms. Venus coined something more than making a name that would make us proud once again.

So, if you have something that is taking you to your bones, it has a common adjective... Major major.


Like the Major major hostage crisis that happened last Monday at the Quirino Grandstand. It left some blood. 7 Hong Kong Nationals died and some were injured after the hostage taker, dismissed Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza, took hostage of the Tourist Bus at around 11 AM, and after 11 hours of failed negotiations. Many circumstances occurred that led to the the brutal end of the siege, i.e. the arrest of Insp. Mendoza's brother, and the failure of the negotiators to do as the Taker demanded of it. At the end of the crisis, Insp. Mendoza was also killed by multiple gunshots.

We saw many major major discrepancies in the crisis, like the naivete of the police, the overpowering of the media, and the mad sea of usiseros that was there despite the tension.

We saw the failure (or the major major naivete) of the police force to respond rightly to the situation. Like soldiers for battle without the proper attire, they attacked the bus without the right gear. They acted like children in a field which was supposedly allotted for real men for the battle. Is this the police that we are proud of?

The media did something major major again. Though wrong for some, they stood there, giving us the info we need for us to be more knowledgeable of the events in the grandstand. Well, bad thing it came to the knowledge of the hostage taker as well. That triggered him to do something which was major major bloody. It is here where we must consider the importance of responsible journalism. For me, it is not to send the info first to the people, but to make it sure that it would be fair for the both sides so that nothing would harm all.

And what are those sawsaweros doing there at the crime scene? The term some were injured includes those who were innocent of the wrongdoing, that were just there to take a closer glimpse of the situation. They are such a major major naive, really! When they are supposed to be at their home, safe and sound, they are their, with their lives at risk. When will we learn, people? When will we learn to know when to go somewhere and when not to go if it is not safe?

As for those who keep on blaming us on what somebody did wrong, let me share with you something which I posted on my FB wall last Monday:
Look, guys. We do not need to blame everyone for the wrongdoing of someone. However, there are some who believe that "the fault of one is the fault of all". We can't blame them at all. Nevertheless, let us remember that situations like this happen as a wake-up call to each one of us. We are very much laxed. Nobody is to... be blamed at the end of the day... Nobody but US.

...Good thing the driver was able to escape after all. He is such a major major survivor!


On a more personal manner, I am a member of the Production team for the Mr. and Ms. Education 2010 at the City of Malabon University. We have 20 major major contestants from the four different year levels, and courses under the College of Education. I also lead in the giving out of the ballots for the contestants. It is such a tough job, considering that I am one of those supposed to be at the school everyday for the giving of ballots, Practice every now and then, coordinating with every contestant with regards with their moves on the stage,

Of course, the contestants give our their best in selling ballots, and persuading the people to support them in any manner. Well, all that I can say is that a major major good luck to them, and may the best man and woman win!
The Mr. and Ms. Educ competition form the culminating part of the Education Week, from Sept. 08-10, 2010. The Pageant is going to be held on Sept. 10, from 2 PM onwards.


To top the cake, I am informing you that from this post on, I would make blogposts on a sequential manner:
  • WEDNESDAY: WedPost, my blogpost concerning every normal and special occurrences on this side of the netizen's planet.
  • FRIDAY-SATURDAY:Ur Sunday Dose, my weekly Sunday Gospel Reflection, liked by the readers, especially by those from the 100% Katolikong Pinoy group on FB.
Of course, special posts will be posted, depending on the need.

Well, this ends the post. A MAJOR MAJOR DAY, Netizens!
KuyaZeke,ccs_082510 :)

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