Thursday, August 12, 2010

ZEKE XX: 7 days... (BE Primer... sa wakas!!!)

With this post, I've had 14 posts already in-line with my 20th Lifeday on Aug. 19. The intensity of excitement which I usually feel days ahead of my Lifeday is escalating already. Especially now that I'm only Seven days away from the Day itself.

As I look at the past days and months, it looks like more of a life-lesson than the usual days spent. The experiences I had, the undertakings I did, and everything in between. It all taught me a lesson, in a way or another. It is so many, I have no idea how to put it into a sentence.

Well, it could go like this... When facing anything, just be yourself. Leave everything to God. Everything will follow. Yah, right. The sentences define each and every lesson I had in the past 365 days.

There are certain times kasi na I felt like I'm not Weldann. I'm somebody else. I'm always on the mask. And on those times, I felt like my plan's going upside down, and somebody else's plan go on its right way. At one point, I'm confused. I realize my plan's not going through, and it's unfair. Then later on, I realize deeper and see... it's God's plan all along. He's slapping me all the way!

Thanks God for all those realizations. I've been a better person because of all those realities. Well, it is a full proof that I'd never going to be the master of my life. Still, there is somebody out there directing my every move. It hurts, though, but that is the reality of it. I must face every single thing. And face it with a feeling of entrustment to God. Later, I see everything unfold smoothly.

Nice thoughts. I feel relieved now. I'm now ready to post the Birthday Essay!

After this post, and that of Ur Sunday Dose (which will be posted on Saturday Morning), would come the most anticipated post of the year in this side of the Blogosphere...
~ ZEKE XX: 20 YEARS of being Somebody for Everybody (The Birthday Essay MXX)
The Three Wishes MXX
The posts will be out sometime next week, starting from the coming weekend. So, better watch out for it.


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