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ZEKE XX: Bekimons rule!?!

Halleklavu guys chenelin! Navasa sokaw natchi ba ang latest satchi blog ni lolabelles na "One With Sokaw"? Chorva!
(Hello, guys! Nabasa ninyo na ba ang latest sa blog ko na "One With You"?)

It may sound funny to you, but it is common to Pinoys of the Third Sex. I'm referring to Gays and Homos. It is referred to as Gay Lingo. It is the common dialect of Third-sex pinoys. You can hear them everytime you come to a Gay Beauty Parlor, or when there are a number of gays in a corner talking about this and that. It has been an institution in Pinoy Gay Culture for sometime now, and it is something that we can find only in the Philippines.

Well, I typed this post because as I have been known, Gay Lingo has gone another level, with a new name which would sound funny either. Gay Lingo, now known as Bekimon (Thanks to the Jejemons), is the T (Talk of the Town) days after the news about its existence was aired on TV. Gay Lingo has really gone a really long way from being a simple queer talk to being an institution in the Filipino Culture.

I am not a stranger to this dialect, thanks to gay friends who are never afraid of talking the Lingo in my front. Yet, though not a stranger, I still do not know the different words that form part of the Lingo. Masakit sa Bangs kung pag-aaralan siya. hahaha...

One more thing, when you encounter Literary Criticism in College, you would also verge over Gay Literature, certain literary pieces which were written by our Third-sex friends. It is full of color, and excitement. You would certainly appreciate it, especially if you are in to knowing more of their colorful life.

We could ask, bakit pa sila may ganyan-ganyan? Pwede namang tagalog na lang?

Certainlyski, language is one common kikironer of communication for all chenes. and for our friends tarush, they want their own mode of communication techi be atchi lot more.. chorva. Colorful chenelin. Minsan rin naman kasi chenelin, there are fayatollah kumenisgs that they don't want techi convey in the common techingue tarush. Perhaps because anitch is pleasant techi jula, when converted techi tagalog tarush, is not good in the common ear tarush. When jokaw speak vekimon with anikther hometch, sokaw are very sure that he/she would understand anitchever jokaw would want techi say chenelin, while keeping sokawr message safe from the common ear chorva. At isa pa, it is a way of knowing if jokaw are atchi part of the federation chenes. If sokaw deklavu not know even a single word of the lingetch, then etchusa ka!! chenelin!

(Certainly, Language is one common manner of communication for all. And for our friends, they want their own mode of communication to be a lot more... colorful. Minsan rin naman kasi, there are things that they don't want to convey in the common tongue. Perhaps because what is pleasant to them, when converted to tagalog, is not good in the common ear. When you speak bekimon with another homo, you are very sure that he/she would understand whatever you would want to say, while keeping your message safe from the common ear. At isa pa, it is a way of knowing if you are a part of the Federation. If you do not know even a single word of the lingo, then Etchusa ka!!!)

Minsan kaserlyn, if sokaw want techi understand somevody's language chorva, jokaw must know of their culture. study of their language tarush, and that's it chorva. Siyempre, hindi naman ivig sayhin na gumagamit katchi ng gurl lingetch ay bakla ka na, kaseklavu madalas chenes, ganitetch ngatchi ang nagiging dating kung marunong kang magsalita ng salitang vaklatchi. C

(Minsan kasi, if you want to understand somebody's language, you must know of their culture. Study of their language, and that's it. Siyempre, hindi naman ibig sabihin na gumagamit ka ng Gay Lingo ay bakla ka na, kaso madalas, ganito nga ang nagiging dating kung marunong kang magsalita ng salitang bakla.)


hindi sokim bakla! keri?
I'm not gay, okey?)

Well, post ends here. But before I end the post in the usual manner, here is a Bekimon Vid that you would surely like. I chose this because this is in-line with my course. Remember mothers, don't send an excuse letter to school using Gay Lingo. It will certainly be rejected. hehehe....

Also, I would give a recommended site if you would want to know more of the Bekimon Culture. This is a Bekimon Translator. Click here...

Keri chorva, aalis na jokum. More powhsts techi come tarush. Vye chorva!
(Okey, aalis na ako. More posts to come. bye!)

KuyaZeke,ccs_080910 :)

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