Thursday, August 05, 2010

ZEKE XX: Let's talk On Relics

I received my first set of relics as a graduation gift in 2006. It came from Kuya Dave Dela Cruz, who I would come to know as Fra. Dave,ccs, the Director of the Confraternity of Catholic Saints. It was composed of Stampitas of Bl. Teresa of Calcutta, with a piece of her clothing, and some other prayer cards and sacramentals. With that started my part of the ministry of taking custody of the Holy Relics, which continues up until the present.

One of the main Ministries of the Confraternity of Catholic Saints is taking care of the Holy Relics of Our Lord, Mary and the Saints, and making sure that its members are living after the Saints, through these Holy Objects. Included here is the reporting of certain abusers of the relics to the proper authorities. This is our way of promoting the Spirituality of the Saints.

Some relics under my custody are those from Sts. Frances de Chantal, Francis de Sales, Louie de Montfort, Bernard of Corleone, and some others. Most precious is that piece of wood from the Most Holy Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Not really that important, no? (just joking.) At present, I am the Vicar Custos of the Confraternity of Catholic Saints. He is the secondary caretaker of the Holy Relics under the custody of the CCS.

Now, if you would ask me, How sure am I of the Relics under my care? Let me share with you my point of view with regards with the surety of the Authenticity of the Holy Relics. These came from my old post in Multiply on the same subject: Relics.


First is the Ecclesiastical Recognition. For one to be recognized as authentic, there must be the red wax with the seal of the bishop, or the postulator. There must also be a red thread within the theca to protect the relic, and a letter of authenticity accompanying the relic...

...Another Aspect is the Sacred Tradition. Accompanying the Sacred Scripture, Tradition is also a basis of the faith and life of the Church. When one relic is venerated in a place, it is considered to be authentic. In my instance, the Relics came from a very long way before it came to my care (considering the age of the Thecas and the dust inside them.), same thing with the most important one...

...There comes the Third and most important aspect, Faith. If the Church said that thr relic is authentic, it is authentic. If it can lead you to a deeper communion with God, or a particular saint, well indeed it is authetic.

And so enters my day-to-day interaction with the relics that I have. As I ask their intercession, and as I ask the protection of the Holy Cross, I can really feel what I am asking. For a lay person like me, being protected through the intercession of the Saints is enough to tell that ALL RELICS under my care ARE AUTHENTIC. Yes, even the Most Important Relic of the Wood from the Cross of Jesus. No Doubt about it. It made me forget my past disbelief, and made me realize that eventhough it is a relic of the most important thing that the Lord used, if it cannot lead you to a deeper faith, still, it is useless...

Source: Talking About Relics, my post on the Custody on the Holy Relics


Now, with me as a caretaker of some precious remains of the Holy Ones, it is a very hard task taking the very utmost care of these sacred remains. At times, I realize that I am really unworthy of being considered as Vicar Custos of the Confraternity. Sino ba naman ako? I don't know how to take care of these relics at the first place.

But carefully, the Lord taught me how to revere on these Remains. These holy remains taught me how to follow the holiness, the example of the saints, whose body parts had gone to my care. I continually pray that I may be a true example of a real caretaker of Relics. Not a fanatic, but somebody who really venerates these precious remains of the Saints of God.


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