Sunday, August 08, 2010

ZEKE XX: The Real Meaning of the Name...

Last night, when we were in class, my professor asked us where did our names came from. She passed by the many names which were written on the sheets of paper that we submitted to her (Note: Ganun kasi nagpalit kami ng prof sa subject na iyun. Even the class schedule changed.). And so, she passed by my paper, with my full name written on it together with the other info.

When she read my name, Panganiban, Weldann Lester A., I raised my hands for me to be noticed. When she saw me, she asked me this puzzling question: San nanggaling ang pangalan mong Weldann? I stood up to give my reply, although I was not sure of the real story.

It came from a suggestion of my mommy's friend. I'm not really sure who the friend is, and why among all the names in the world which were common, to me was given a name very unfamiliar. We can say that it came from that style of cooking Steak. But I'm not really sure.

Though that was my mommy's story, I have my own interpretation of the Name Weldann Lester:

Weldann: as people thought of it, same with mine, it means a job finished in an excellent manner.
Lester: Dictionary meaning says "From Leicester (France)", but for me, it means less or low.
Weldann Lester: Something excellently done in a lesser manner, profile, or something like that. In other words, Great, yet least

But wherever the name might came from, I know one thing is sure: I haven't lived it up to my name... really enough. Sometimes kasi, your name is very far from your personality. Though there are still times that you are living according to your name and that's really good, it does not happen every time.

As for my case, being somebody who has been endowed with lots of gifts from heaven, people continue to say that I'm perfect for almost any chore. I'm happy every time I hear that compliment, and yet, I realize that it's still not enough. You wake up one day bearing a name in the midst of a crowd who does not believe in you. That means something.

As long as I could not fulfill the real meaning of my very own name, I'd still never be Weldann Lester. Nope, I'm not Weldann Lester yet. Not yet for the past two decades. I hope against all hope that the next year or decade would be the time that I would really live as my name calls of it.

Final Note: Names are of greater importance than any nickname of any kind. Be proud of your name, it is your personality. Me? I'm really proud of being Weldann Lester than of being Bitoy or Zeke. After all, it IS my name that counts.

KuyaZeke,ccs_080810 :)

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