Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ZEKE XX: The Three Wishes 2010...


It has been a rough year indeed, with all its trials and hardships put together to test whether or not I am still loyal to my words, and deeds. Though it was hard, still, Divine Providence has made it extra colorful and special for the great Me.

And so, after a year of continuing the fight, here I am, after the look-back on my life, asking and praying for three certain things that could help me in being somebody for everybody for the coming year and time.


More than four or five times did I use this wish for others who did well or bad to me. It was sort-of either-or system. I shall still use it this year for the purpose, yet it would be a mix. I wish good life and blessings to everyone who became a part of my life for the past year, good or bad. This is for all, be they my family and friends, enemies and acquaintances. There is nothing more good than to pray for the well-being of others. Besides, they are the reason why there is somebody for everybody.


I saw in this year the fullness of my frail being. I fall prey easily to my own weakness, though I always pray for deliverance from temptation. The priest’s words are true, dasal nga ng dasal, hindi ka naman gumagawa ng aksyon, wala ring kuwenta iyun. Matuto kang manakbo. It was late of my nineteenth year that I thought of these words and realized, something must be done, I must not fall prey all the time.

That would make my second wish for this year. I wish for more strength from up above, for me to get over with the temptations of my age. I thank the Lord for the strength he gave me lately to overcome the temptations I have undergone. Yet, I still need more. Temptations grow fiercer every time, and sometimes they take the guise of a good deed. I really need some more strength.


Last year, I made wishes for those who do not believe for me throughout the years. Later did I realize that I did a very wrong manner of wishing. Why? Because this year was a backstroll of these three wishes. In other words, it came back to me, and I was unprepared.

Though that happened, still, God made it a good thing to show me all my weakness and failures. This year was a year of rebellion, of earthly pleasures, of failure of grades, of no-happiness. Through all these things, God showed something. It is this: I AM NEVER FIT TO BE ALONE. THERE IS BALANCE FOR EVERYTHING AND I MUST RESPECT IT. If there would be one thing that I wished never happened, that was all these negative things that I had undergone. Yet, it all happened, all of them.

And through it all, here I am, still smiling, and writing on my first and prime wish for this year. I wish, not only for discernment, but also the grace and mercy necessary for me to overcome every test and trial on the coming year, and to overcome all with smile on my lips. There would be no greater fulfillment than to wake up in the morning with a smile on my lips, and with thoughts like, YES! I CAN DO IT! In God’s help, and with those of the caring people around me, I know, I can really do it.


I have wished for many material things for this year, a camera, a cellphone, and more similar things. I never had hand of all these. Yet I took hold of more definite things I never wished for, yet came as a blessing. From my failing grades and the grace of continued study at CMU, to the grace of resting from my ministry and returning to the Way. Most of all, was the grace of my family who was never tired of being there to guide me as a son and a brother. Kudos to my family for this blessing. Truly, families are never created to be wrecked, but to guide and love each other through the wreck.

I would never be who I am right now, without the help of the people who never tired to believe in me, and continues to be with me throughout the years. Kudos to all of you. I may not mention your names here, yet God knows you did something for my better life, decision and conversion. Thanks a lot, and may God continue to bless you all.

This was a year of realizations, a year of oh so many blessings from God above. Though there was discontentment and dismay at times, still, God made it a point to be a learning experience for me. For that, Kudos to you, my God! A million thanks for having me living in this side of the world. (I have said my prayer of thanks already at the Birthday Essay, so it would seem like it lacked certain thoughts.)


Well, this post wraps-up the blogpost series of ZEKE XX: 20 YEARS of being SOMEBODY for EVERYBODY. As of posting time, we had sixteen blogposts related to this series, the highest number, followed by T_Bitz… 19 sa 19!!! series (2009), which was composed by thirteen posts. It would never be without the wisdom from God and inspiration I had from all of you, my dear blog-readers.

I don’t know what would lie ahead in the coming year and time, but one thing is for sure: change would be here to stay, and we are here to adapt to it, and love it with all our hearts.

So, this is it. This is change. I am ready.

KuyaZeke,ccs_081710 :)

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