Wednesday, September 15, 2010


One of the most anticipated events of the whole AY in CMU-College of Education is the Education Week. As a BEEd, and BSE Stud, one can't help it but join the events because it is here where we show up our utmost skills, socialize with people, and most of all, it is here where we enjoy what it is to be an Educ Student.

As for me, it was this week this year where I showed up my wacky side not only to the College, but also to the Whole University. Why? It is because aside from being one of the prod staff for Mr. and Ms. Educ (which I shared in my old WedPosts), I was given the chance to host the majority of the competitions of the Week, i.e. Singing Contest, Dance Contest and Glee-inspired Contest.

Not to boast at all, but I became a star for a moment because of the stints, and shout-outs like Mooooooving On!!!..... (with matching echo and light effects), and Party Party!!! (which was so strong the audience can't help but dance!). It was my way of showing the world that I still have something to show, even though I was ridiculed the whole year round. Good thing, the students was set in the mood.

But the most ridiculous and most hilarious thing I did in the Educ Week was this: giving birth to a new personality. It all happened on the pageant night of Mr. and Ms. Education. Actually, I didn't do my job as stage manager, because my professor gave me two jobs: hosting and giving birth to a star for a night. I did it, and Ms. Maria Vitoyari Kaj was born... and died on the same night. I never thought that I could cross-dress and host with poise and glam. Though I heard well and enough that I ruined the event (and my reputation for that), still I heard much praise for a job so funny and good-looking.

For that, I was considered by the professors as The Lifesaver. Another commented, "You were a saint by day and a scandalous host by night." And another, "Hindi ko maisip na magsusuot ka ng ganyan, pero ang galing mo!!!"

Yet, I promise in the name of my profession (through the CCS), I will never cross-dress again. This would be my first and last time that I will wear a woman's dress. I enjoyed though, but still, it's not worth the dress. I always remember that I am a professed lay, and I will continue to abide by my vows.

Nevertheless, it was still a week well-spent, thanks to the people I mingled with, especially my friends and classmates, the candidates and production staff of Mr. and Ms. Education 2010, the professors, and the students which rode with my every stint and laughed and party-ied their hearts out.

I also greet warm congratulations to the personalities which emerged victorious in the competitions, especially to Mr. Ysmack Fornelos (photo, in polo) and Ms. Aubrey Trajano, our Mr. and Ms. Educ 2010.

Likewise, kudos to the people who were the brains of the Educ Week 2010, especially to Dr. James Arasad, OIC of the college, Ms. Veronica Francisco, Ms. Lia Domingo, Ms. Juliet Sanopo, Ms. Flor Tayco, and the Educators' Club, headed by Mr. Franz Sevilla. Kudos as well to the different clubs which stood side by side, and the student volunteers (me included) which helped the college in giving out a very special Week for us all.

Though this is my last Educ Week with my real classmates, every moment was still worth it. I will never forget this edition of the Educ Week for the rest of my student life. This one will never be forgotten in one way or another.

KuyaZeke,ccs_091510 :)


  1. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Amiable post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.

  2. thanks a lot for the positive feedback! I don't know that in anyway, my posts here in my blog could help other people in one way or another. Thanks again, and may God bless you and all the readers of this blogsite. ~KuyaZeke :)