Wednesday, September 01, 2010

WedPost: It's the BER Months again!!!


Well, today is SEPTEMBER 01! It's the first day of the BER Months. I expect that in just a few days, we can hear again the timeless melodies such as Silent Night, Himig Pasko, and Bro, Ikaw ang Star ang Pasko!

And with hearing these songs, comes the thought of excitement. We all know that here in RP, Christmas begins in September and ends in January. The Magic of Pinoy Christmas doesn't wither every passing year. It just keeps getting better and better despite the poor stature that we Filipinos have.

Though we are scarce in money, food and other things, still the Magic of Pinoy Christmas takes away all tears and makes everyone smile to the ears. In reality, whatever may be the outcome of the year for everyone, still the Christmas Fever makes one leave a year and enter another in all smiles.


Moving on...

Being the Canvassing Officer is one of my tough jobs ever undertaken. I just realized that while the professors take charge of the remittance of money, still my job is very crucial. It is so, since the ballots would all come from me.

I also go with their rounds as their assistant campaign manager. We are spending the whole day of Tuesday (31 August... kahapon) and Thursday (02 September... bukas) going inside different classrooms, and having a meet-and-greet experience with the students of the college. Mingling with the candidates is a very happy experience. You don't only get to know different candidates from the four year levels, but likewise, we get to know their skills, and feel how their classmates and schoolmates show their support in any way.

Well, the heat rises as the days count to the pageant day. Their stress also rises, yet as I always say to them, Wag kayong mag-alala. Pagkatapos nito, ang lahat ay magiging iba na para sa inyo. Everything is going to be worth it.


Sa isang banda, I just would want to thank Mr. Raymart Cacho for making me one of the Admins of the College of Education Page at Facebook. As of yesterday, the professors accepted the page with a smile. Same thing with the numerous friends and students who liked the page. Now everyone, alumni or student, will be informed ahead of the upcoming programs of the college.

Likewise, I heard the news that my article for the Silver Jubilee of Bishop Deo will be the headline of TIMBULAN, our parish paper. I don't know when will it be out for distribution, but the thought of it makes me smile well and enough.

Kudos to everyone who continues to trust me, though however frail and weak I am.

KuyaZeke,ccs_090110 :)

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