Sunday, October 17, 2010


As the Online Page of 100% Katolikong Pinoy (Link HERE) celebrates its Vocation Week, from Oct. 17-23, 2010, I made this little work on Vocations. I pray that through this poem, among others, God may touch the hearts of the faithful, especially the youth of today, to answer God's call to the priesthood or marriage.


Voices I usually hear deep within my heart
echoing a sound that comes from someone strong
It seems to say, "Come and follow me,
No matter who you are, no matter what you may be.

"Obviously, this is not a coincidence
Or a product of your wildest dreams.
This is not your imagination at work;
Look beyond your field, I am standing, calling you.

"Come to me, my little brother.
Enter my midst, my little sister.
You may have deep doubts on me right now
But here I am, I will ease it all.

"All about your life and desires, I know.
It may be tough for you, but there is a reason for it all.
I am calling you right here and right now.
Open your heart to me, and I will show you my cause.

"There's a vast sea, so deep somewhere;
The fish is numerous! Who will catch them for me?
There's a rich harvest, bountiful for us all,
Whom shall I send to work, for them to be reaped?
Look, my child, I am sending you to this bounty.
Work for me, be a Fisher of Men."

I respond to the voice, "My Lord and Master!
Who am I, unworthy for you to be sent?
I am frail and weak, no one understands me.
I am least of my brethren, I am nobody!"

"Oh, my child," the voice replies,
"Do not fear, have no worry.
I am here with you, I am your Lord.
I find you worthy. I am sending you.

"Never fear the world and its darkness.
Have courage! Proclaim my Word, Live on it!
You will suffer a great deal for this, my cause,
But one day, you shall see eternal happiness, joy forever!"

"Send me, O Lord," I answered the Voice within.
"Send me, if it is according to your will.
I know it's hard, but I know you are always here.
Guide me as I lead your people back to you.
I trust in your loving kindness, O Lord.
I open myself to you. I am forever yours..."

KuyaZeke,ccs_101810 :)

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