Saturday, October 09, 2010

To my Colleagues... (Pic-movie Version)

Bitz's Note: To my Colleagues is the opening post for Lit-tie Monday, a series of literary pieces which I wrote. The poem was brought about by my emotions as I leave my real batchmates this semester, and move on with another batch until next year when , God-willing, I graduate from College.

After the positive feedback I received from my professor, Ms. Lia Domingo, and from my classmates, I decided that I should create a pic-movie inspired by the poem.

In this pic-movie are selected pictures taken with my classmates from first year up until this semester. This is a proof that I'll miss them so much, and the memories are enough cherishing.

To my classmates, especially to my Ghoy Ghang family, thanks so much for the memories. You may say that I'm very exaggerated with my emotions, but one thing's for sure... I'll miss all of you. This one is for you guys...

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