Friday, October 08, 2010

Ur Sunday Dose: Where are the other Nine?

October 10, 2010
28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Lk 17,11-19


It may be a coincidence that the story of the ten lepers is to be proclaimed on the tenth day of the tenth month of the tenth year of the Third Millennium, a Sunday. Others see some perfection of life on this day. Others see this as a lucky day, like 9-9-9 of the year 2009 or 7-7-7 of the year 2007.

A piece of trivia for today: In Hebrew Numerology, the Number Ten (10) means a lot of things...
~ 10 is a symbol of a matter in Harmony. (4+6)
~ It also symbolizes the unity of the Creator and His Creation. (3+7)
~ 10 signifies the Revelation and the Divine Law. (Example of this is the 10 Plagues at Egypt and the 10 Commandments at Mt. Horeb)
~ St. Jerome presents 10 Names of God as he cited it in the Hebrew Bible: EL; Eloim; Eloe; Sabaoth; Elion; Eser Ieje; Adonai; Ia; Yod, He, Waw, He; and Saddai
~ The man is the tenth hierarchy of the "celestial chorus" that will replace, after the last judgement, the rebellious angels.
These, among others, constitute the meaning of the Number Ten (10) in the Hebrew Numerology.

Now, back to the Gospel. Today, on the 10th Day of the 10th Month of the 10th Year, a Sunday, we witness the story of the Ten Lepers. We see Jesus sending them back to the priests to fulfill what is prescribed of the law. As they walk, they were eventually cleansed.

One of the ten, a Samaritan, realizes that he is clean already. He comes back to Jesus to give him thanks. Jesus asks, "Where are the other nine? This one is a Samaritan, and yet he returned here to give thanks? Where are the others?"

We return to those moments in our life when we consider ourselves offering prayers to God for a particular intention. We fill up those empty spaces in our churches, kneeling in front of our favorite saint, fulfilling our panatas, just asking God to give us this and that.

Then, when God gives us what we need, we are contented, we feel happy, and we forget God.

My dear brothers, God is never to be forgotten in every moment of our life. We tend to do the contrary of this, yet he still blesses us with everything we need.

He is fair to us all. All we need, if it is according to His Will, he gives us, whether we give thanks or not. But those who God blesses and, realizing it, gives back to God the thanks and praise is given more blessings.

We are challenged to be like the Samaritan. Once seeing God's Grace in his life, he goes back to God to thank him. Let us not be like the other nine, who continues with their ordinary life after God heeds to their request.

Where are the other Nine? Go, stand up! Your faith has saved you... We pray to God today, that as we celebrate once again the Eucharist on the 10th day of the 10th month of the 10th year, the Lord's Day, we may experience the graces that we ask of Him; and once experienced, may we go back to God to praise him for he is the fount of all Graces and blessings.


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