Tuesday, October 05, 2010

WedPost: Up from Above and Down Below...

Today is October 05, and we are celebrating today the WORLD TEACHERS' DAY. And so, it may be appropriate if we begin our post for this week with this quote:

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.
~Henry Brooks Adams

Sacred. That is the teacher and his profession. Whether inside the classroom or outside the school, his influence is being observed, he is respected, and considered as the pillar of the community, and of the society.

It is therefore proper that he should be considered as My Teacher, My Hero. Kudos to all our teacher-friends and to all our teachers who continuously dedicate their life for teaching and inspiring the children and youth of today. Is it your footsteps I follow, and I am never ashamed of walking after your shadow.
Kudos to all Teachers!!!


Up from Above and Down Below...

As you all know, I am a brother of the Neo Catechumenal Way. In the past 5 or 6 years of walking, I have witnessed how the Lord continued to guide me, how he'd taught me to accept and carry my cross. I've witnessed the glory of the Church, its sacraments, and its teachings. Thanks be to God who led me to this way.

Well, I've also heard a lot from other people, mostly Catholics, who persecute, and disagree with the views of the Way, especially with its Eucharist.

For the manner of the celebrations, especially the Eucharist, some say na tama na nga, minali pa. Others say We should not go astray from the real liturgy as presented in the Church.

As for the Initiator, they are saying that He is an Antichrist, he tries to reform the Church, building a church within the Church.

For the way, they are saying that we are a sect, naming ourselves Catholics, yet working otherwise. We divide the Church. We work on our own way.

This, and many others, constitute the many jeers that we are receiving in the Way.

How shall we clarify these things? Let Jesus tell us how:

Once, in the Scriptures, John sent his disciples to Jesus, asking him, "Hey Jesus, are you the one sent as the Messiah or are we going to wait for another one?" As they approached Jesus, he was teaching and healing the sick. When they asked the Lord of this, he said, "Look at what you see. The blind can see, the deaf can hear, the cripple can walk, and everyone hears the Good News of Salvation. Tell all this to John."

That is enough. If the Way does not bear fruit, if it does not have any charisma, like its ordained priests, the families in mission, and the numerous brothers, sisters and youth who fight for the Faith, life and the family despite the world of secularization and darkness...

...perhaps, the Way would turn out to be a total fraud. Perhaps the faithful would continue to live in darkness, without knowing the graces and richness the Church has in store for them. Perhaps the devil would continue to succeed in destroying the Church.

Do not look on the statutes alone, it is but a fast track of the Way. Do not look on the Celebrations alone, you will not understand us at that quick observation. Rather, as you read our statutes, and join our celebrations, Observe the attitude of the people involved. I believe, you will also be infected by the joy and the communion that we have for God and each other.

We continue to pray for the persecutors of the Way. May God lead them to the right understanding of the Neo Catechumenate as a sign in the Church of the New Millennium.

We also pray for all involved in the Way, its Initiators, Catechists, Responsibles and Communities. May we continue to have the spirit of courage to overcome every jeer of the world. May God continue to give us the spirit which motivates us to walk this way of conversion, towards being a NEW MAN, a real Christian.


After I opened Lit-tie Monday last Monday, I received notes from my classmates thanking me for the time well-spent with them. These notes led me to tears. I tell you, I was crying while I write the poem. It was full of emotions, some curbed and others expressed.

Perhaps on the next WedPost, I could share with you some of these notes, so that you can have a glimpse of their insights as I leave them this Sem Break.

This ends my WedPost for this week. Have a great week ahead guys!!!

KuyaZeke,ccs_100510 :)

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