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WedPost: WANSUY!!! BïTZëëlöG, the Ka-Fam...

...Post No. 8...Oct. 27, 2010...
"The only journey is the journey within..."
-Rainier Maria Rilke
What's heating up today?
~... WANSUY!!! BïTZëëlöG, the Ka-Fam...
~ A Special space for Dhes' Mama...

...WANSUY!!! BïTZëëlöG, the Ka-Fam...

Yesterday, I wrote this status message on my FB account:
Four Sides... Four Names... One Guy.

Why such status? And who's BïTZëëlöG?

Ako rin yan! Last Sunday became the birth of my fourth identity: BïTZëëlöG, the Ka-Fam.

Last weekend, I entered this clan - nope, it is a FAM - named THREECE FAMILIA. Thanks to my dearly beloved classmate and friend Dinnes Ocfemia (Dinezaur). At my first glance, the impression was great. I was motivated by the jolly members of the fam, that what supposed to be a simple GEB with people whom I don't know turned out to be my first night inside the Fam.

Teka nga... Bakit Fam?
According to Nadeth, our founder, it is a Familia, not a clan. As the name says of it, we are a family here, not a barkadahan. We enjoy every single moment, just like a typical family. Unlike other clans, we are tend to be close - super close - to each other.

Inside the fam are different types of people and personalities: from workaholics to rappers to college studs to typical tambays. We are a jolly jive inside here.

They make my calendar full
of activities, from GEBs to bondings, to usual txting habits. I enjoy every single moment when my load goes UnliTxt.
At bakit ko siya nagustuhan?
Simply because they made me feel at home inside the fam. They accepted my qualities at the matter, and in anyway, I enjoy being with them.
In other words, eto na naman at nakahanap ako ng mga taong masasabi kong magiging bahagi ng makulay na buhay ko!

Well, what would the days bring for me and the fam? Let's see...

... Sandali! Hindi ibig sabihin na pumasok ako sa isang Fam, ay nakalimutan ko na ang ibang communities ko, ah. Of course, my Neo Catechumenal Community takes precedence over my other communities, including 3ceFam. We just need to put everything in proper order.



... A Special Space for Dhes' Mama...

Well, it seems that I don't have enough spirit to continue typing the WedPost for this week. It looks odd though, but the thought of losing somebody wipes every motivation and the will to do anything.

I offer this special space to my classmate and good friend, Lourdes Bello (in picture, extreme left), as I extend my deepest condolences to her and her sisters and other relatives at the demise of her mother (in picture, second from right) early today.

Dhez, friend, mahirap mawalan ng nanay. But remember this, pinalaki ka niyang matatag ang loob. Kaya mo yan! Baka sa tingin ni mama mo, kaya mo nang harapin ang lahat ng pagsubok na wala siya.

We would always include her in our prayers. Tatag lang ng loob, friend!!!



~ Calling the First Community, and the responsibles and lead cantors of the next three communities of the Neo Catechumenal Way in our Parish, our Regional Convivence will be held on Oct. 29-31, 2010, at St. Michael Retreat House, Antipolo City.

~ Reminder for the Raffle Project of Santa Cruz Parish: The Raffle date will be on Oct. 30, 2010, 2:00 PM at the Sto. Niño Chapel. Prizes which are not claimed after SIXTY days are considered forfeited, so make sure that your tickets are still intact.

~ Marian Night at the parish: Oct 30, 2010. We will have a Living Rosary, Procession and Mass in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary. All are invited!

~ Happy Birthday this week to:
Oct. 27: Aljohn Palaypay
Oct. 28: Mrs. Judith Steele (My Teacher in Science in High School)
Oct. 30: Mary Grace Cansino, Von Jovie Ochangco, Mariann Garciano, Arriane Castro
Oct. 31: Jethro Lopez, Emman Jimenez, Mrs. Marilyn Flores (My Math Teacher in Elem)
Nov. 01: Marissa Espejo
Nov. 02: Mrs. Victoria Bagtas
May God continue to bless you, your families, and all your dreams and aspirations in life!

~ It's November 01 next week! Happy 3rd Year to my multiply site. Though I rarely visit and make updates on my other blogsite, still, it is open for you all to see.

~Perhaps I would post a special post for All Saints' Day and All Souls day before the month ends, so watch out for it!

~ Kudos to you, my dear reader! May God bless you and your plans in life. Thank you for patronizing my blogposts here on JEM@ Blogger, One with You...

BïTZëëlöG_102710 :)

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