Thursday, November 25, 2010

Something New with Ur Sunday Dose...

Ever since I began rendering Gospel Reflections last July, Ur Sunday Dose has gained enough, if not much, credit from people, known or not. The comments and praises which I received from the whole blogosphere gave me the inspiration each and every Friday to continue serving you as God's humble writing machine.

I have nothing to say but Thank You! Maraming Salamat! To God, and to you all! For the support that you gave from the first post. For being my inspiration and critic. I said on the launching post, I'm not a master in giving Gospel Reflections, and I know I have a long way to go, but with you as my viewers and supporters, and with the Lord God as my guiding light, I know that I could carry on every Friday posting inspiring reflections which are words of hope for the despaired, and encouragement for those who are in their down moments.

Continue praying and supporting not only Ur Sunday Dose, but also the other post series of JEM@Blogger. Thank you guys!

And so, as we begin the New Liturgical Year in a few days, something new would also be added to the usual reflections that you see every Friday in Ur Sunday Dose. Watch out for it!

BïTZëëlöG_112510 :)

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