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...Post No. 13...Dec. 01, 2010...
I love the winning, I can take the losing, but most of all I love to play.
- Boris Becker
Okie, what's cooking now?
~BiTZ's Writing Prowess
~30 Days to 2011... Something NEW ahead!
~PlayProd Report No. 03


First and foremost, let me show you a petty timeline... It all happened last Monday, Nov. 29, 2010.
  • 2:00 AM: I finished writing my LIT-tie Monday Post, entitled Gigz..., which is my first Short Story for the post series. I turned off the Computer and proceeded to my room to call it a night. I have my cellphone with me then.
  • 5:00 AM: I'm in the deep of my sleep when my cellphone's alarm rang. That is one sure sign that it is still with me. I woke up to turn the alarm off, and returned to sleep.
  • 8:30 AM: I woke up from my sleep. My hands began looking for my cellphone, but it is not there! My eyes in turn became wide awake from that happening, as well as my other senses. One question entered into my mind... Nasaan ang Cellphone ko? I looked for it all over my room, and all over the house, but it is nowhere to be found!
I have lots of speculations. For one, maybe my mom kept it for safety's sake. But my mom denied it. My nephews had something to do with it perhaps, but they said that they likewise don't know where it is. Imagine, the place where I know that everything is safe - that is my room - is not safe anymore.

Monday this week was a dark day for me. I can't eat properly, I feel embarrassed, depressed, stressed-out, and everything else. I lost focus, all because of a lost Cellphone. I kept on praying yesterday, until there is no sign of hope anymore.

But it came to the point that I am asking myself... Sandali nga! Bakit nga ba ako nababalisa ng sobra? Cellphone lang iyun! Life must continue, with or without these gadgets!

I thought of this on Monday night, and that gave me the peace of mind that I lost the whole day. I woke up yesterday full of strength and vigor. I can smile already, to the point that my energy came back to its original level (I can say this if I can crack jokes already.). I enjoyed my day yesterday, and all that because of one simple thought.

You know what guys? Sometimes, God wills that we undergo certain moments in life for us to understand something about Him. While we depend our lives on the latest gadgets, we tend to forget that all these came from God. Ewan ko lang yung iba, but as for me, it's clear that last Monday, God showed me this reality. Bakit? Nakakatawa pa rin naman ako, patuloy akong nabubuhay! Oo nga, may kulang, pero mapupunan pa rin yan!

At the end of the day, I pray that if God wills that the Cellphone takes its way apart from me, then so be it. But if this is but a test, then may he show the way for me to have my cellphone back. Yun lang...

Finally, for the record, let me post here my latest status message in FB:

I lost my cellphone yesterday while I sleep. I live my day yesterday as if there is no tomorrow. Today, I commit the sin of gluttony because of the depression which I felt yesterday. That's a real proof that my life doesn't depend yet on God but on material things. Forgive me, my Jesus! Have mercy on me for I am a sinner!


BiTZ's Writing Prowess

Before I lost my cellphone this long weekend, I became an instant star through my latest rendition of Ur Sunday Dose (Stay Awake! Be Prepared!). It was received warmly by the many readers both in and out of the country, because of 100% Katolikong Pinoy! Fanpage in Facebook.com. Actually, it became the featured write-up for the First Sunday of Advent of the said fanpage. (I continually thank you all for the support!)

Eversince I began writing renditions in my blog (Ur Sunday Dose, LIT-tie Monday, and this my WedPost), I had lots and lots of positive feedback from the online community and from my personal friends. They may be known and unknown, but their words are the same... Ang galing ko daw magsulat!

I don't know where this pair of magical hands came from, that the words that come out of it can somehow stir emotions of people of different walks of life. Personally, I feel shocked with all of these. I began blogging in June of 2005, but it was when the blog entered its transformation phase when it was noticed by the NETizen world. The feeling that it is giving me is somewhat new to my senses, and yet it warms my heart, sa isang banda ay hindi pala naiitsapwera ang mga naisusulat ko!

This is my thirteenth WedPost on record. It really shows that I'm just beginning in the field of blogging (noting that I just became serious with the field after four years of ho-hums), and yet you guys are loving it all the while.

For that, I can only say two magic words... SALAMAT PO!!! The way is long, yes, and maybe sooner or later, I may get tired with typing blogs. Nevertheless, I know that in my own little way, I'm leaving my legacy for the world to see and share.

So, continue reading, supporting, and be one with me as I continue giving out my slice of life!

...naiiyak na ako!!!


30 Days to 2011... Something NEW Ahead!!!

Yes!!! It's December, guys! The magic of Pinoy Christmas gets hotter and hotter as the days get nearer to D25. By this time, we can see the neighborhood flicker to the glittering Christmas Lights, the Tree full of gifts, The smell of Puto Bumbong and Bibingka tempting our tummies, and other sure signs that makes us well-sure that Christmas is just around the neighborhood, and we're on our way to experiencing that magic brought by the birth of a little Baby Boy on the Manger.

But wait! It's already 24 days to Christmas! Why focus on the 30 Days to the New Year?

Because it means something New! New Year, New Blogsite!

Yes! Something new heads your way in this Blogsite! From the look and feel, to the actual URL.

This is the last month that I shall be using "johnezekielmaria" as my blogsite URL. By next year, come January 1, the URL of this blogsite will change, not only to shorten the words that you type on that address bar, but also to fit it with my present interests in life.

Segments will also be added to the site! Aside from the three weekly posts, I shall add two more segments (or post-series) to complete our one-week trail.
~ One is BiTZ of Advice..., where you, my avid reader, are invited to share your problems and let me share my piece of enlightening, if not right advice for you.
~ Another post-series is Twenty Questions! Every week, I shall interview a close friend or a famous personality around the circle with twenty questions. No below-the-belt, all interesting facts about that guy or gal.

Your usual Post-series are undergoing a change as well! Who says that they are not included?
~ Ur Sunday Dose begins the New Liturgical Year of reflections last Friday. I've added a prayer at the end of the reflections to give it a sanctified closing.
~ WedPost and LIT-tie Monday? I don't know what would be new for these Post-series. We'll see in the following weeks.

In short, the blogsite that you've supported for sometime now, is carefully undergoing a reformat. Please be with me in my prayers that it would all be successful. At the end, it is still my way of giving out my service and ministry to you guys.

I would always be ONE WITH YOU...


PlayProd Report No.3

Auditions are over, and we have the cast! Now what's next? We are to give out the particular roles to those chosen.

The script is also on its completing way; I hope that Ma'am Lia Domingo would accept it with minor revisions only.

For today, we are to complete every preliminary job so that by next week, we may begin our work already. For now, please continue praying for us, especially for those in the Production Staff, and the Cast of Characters. Umpisa pa lang naman ito, we don't know what would happen ahead.

KUDOS! BSE 2b!!!

(Greetings and Announcements...)

~ Neo Catechumenal Communities of Santa Cruz Parish, our Re-echo Convivence will be held on December 3-4 at Claret Retreat House, Quezon City. Prepare Php1,400.00 for the house fee.

~ To all the Youth of the Neo Catechumenal Way on Metro Manila and Mega Manila Area, we are having our meeting with our itinerant catechists on Sunday, Dec. 05, 2010 at Layforce Chapel, San Carlos Seminary. I'm not sure of the time, so better confirm with your respective responsibles and catechists.

~ HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY to all our Educators in Malabon City, this Friday, December 03, 2010! No Classes again!!!

~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week to the following guys:
Dec. 01: my Eldest Sister Marilen Panganiban-Bendal, Jasper Ramos
Dec. 04: Mrs. Barbara Rose
Dec. 05: Joebert Caraang, Mrs. Violeta Carmelo, Aaron Joshua Gonzales
Dec. 06: Mrs. Marilyn Alciso, Brezel Bilacaol
May God continue to bless you, your families, and all your dreams and aspirations in life!

~ Thanks for your continued patronage to all my blogposts here in JEM.blogger.com. May God continue to bless you and your day!

BïTZëëlöG_120110 :)


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