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WedPost: With Hope in the Heart...

...Post No. 12...Nov. 24, 2010...
Finally, be strong in the Lord, and in the strength of his might.
- St. Paul (Ephesians 6,10)
And so, what's for my post this week?
~Samu't saring disgrasya...
~With hope in the heart...
~PlayProd Report No. 02


The past week may be named as another week of disgraces and fallings. Thing led to another, to name a few...

~ My confusion of the flesh is on the rise again.
~ My MP4 was lost last Friday, due to negligence.
~ Our PC crashed; it so happened that I was using the computer when it occurred.
~ I left Threece Familia for study reasons... well, because I don't want be with some of them anymore.
~ My bike's front wheel boomed good. Pumutok ang interyor niya.
~ My fellow lay ministers had undergone a massive lay-off (If ever I am still serving by this time, I am sure I would also be included among the list.) of our Parish Priest. Fr. Rey! Bishop Deo! Mabasa ninyo sana ito!
~ Of course, I would count those petty offenses that I usually commit every now and then.

If I would sum it up, it is one of my most depressing weeks I ever undergone - wholistically - maybe third or fourth from the week I told my mommy the news that I am not already going to school. Bummer weeks, as I usually call it.

Maybe, this is not my week after all. Nope. I felt empty all the way from my last WedPost to this one. I needed enough strength, that I can't even catch some from my fount. Napakahirap humugot kung walang-wala ka sa hulog.

It is in these points of life when I draw myself to prayer. At a certain point, I felt a tap of comfort. Though it is not that common, still, I make good use of it, so that when it is lost already, I would feel strengthened.

This is but the start of everything that I need to undergo for the coming days and months leading to the end of the year. My prayer is but the same, and I know God is listening to me at this time.

Jesus! Son of David! Have mercy on me, a sinner!



Unusual, but inspiring...

That's my experience in the jeepney yesterday, Tuesday. I was going home from School, so I took a jeepney ride. My favorite place to sit on is beside the driver. I would like to see the same old view that I see every single day.

When the jeep arrived at Hulong Duhat (Malabon City, the last barangay before Tanza, Navotas City), the driver asked me, "Boy. Anung oras na?" He's asking me of the time. I don't have any watch, so I took my cellphone to see the time. I said, "Boss, 3:15 pm po."

Then he said, or shared, "Ang aga pa pala. Haay! Ang hirap kumita ng pera. Alam mo, boy? 35 years na akong namamasada ng jeep. Isipin mo, 35 years! Ang pamasahe noon, 15 sentimos lang. Ang mga anak ko, walang pakinabang. Ako ang nagpapagal, ako ang naghihirap. Ang hirap talaga."

I just smiled as I was listening to him. I don't know what to say, knowing the fact that I'm not in a proper disposition to tell him a very rude advice such as, "Naku po! Kawawa naman po pala kayo!" or something like that.

I asked the Lord to guide me on the proper words to say. I know that through me, he could comfort the driver. I just needed his help, and we're on the go.

When we arrived at the last stop-over, I smiled at the driver and, not knowing its source but saying it with confidence, I told him, "Sige lang po, tatay. Mahal tayo ng Diyos. Tutulungan po niya kayo."

As I go down the jeepney, I had a feeling of comfort. I know that the Lord used his sinful servant again to give words of comfort and hope for the afflicted. I continue to pray for Manong Driver, that he may continue to work and serve the community with hope in his heart that he would someday reap the fruit of his labor somewhere after this life.

God bless him!


PlayProd Report No. 2

What's for today? Well, we are going to have our auditions for our play, Purgatoryo. From the audition, we would come to know who would take the lead roles. The story? Maybe on the next WedPost, upon the approval of our director, I could share with you some bits of the story.

Sorry, if you don't feel contented with this report. I have this to say, just let us pass the next two months, then I can be safe already to share with you some events regarding the play of BSE2B. So, just watch out guys!


(Greetings and Announcements...)

~ Neo Catechumenal Communities of Santa Cruz Parish, our Announcement of Advent and Christmas is on Friday, 7:00 PM, at Christ the King Chapel.

~ Also, our Re-echo Convivence will be held on December 4-5 at Claret Retreat House, Quezon City. Prepare Php1,400.00 for the house fee.

~ We are going to kickstart the Liturgical New Year with the first rendition of Ur Sunday Dose for Cycle A. Watch out for it on Friday. Also, I would be giving a reflection of the First Sunday of Advent on the Facebook Fanpage of 100% Katolikong Pinoy, so please pray for me that I could give a very good rendition, and with that inspire a lot of souls.

~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week to the following guys:
Nov. 24: Rowan Emerson Acupang
Nov. 25: Mark Francis Tambunting, May Margarette Santos, Mark Andrew Baron, Shawynn Morales
Nov. 26: Jefferson Esguerra
Nov. 27: Karlo Ventilacion
Nov. 28: Cairyl Cruz, Mary Monica Veedor
Nov. 30: Roxanne Faye Laquindanum
May God continue to bless you, your families, and all your dreams and aspirations in life!

~ Thanks for your continued patronage to all my blogposts here in JEM.blogger.com. May God continue to bless you and your day!

BïTZëëlöG_112410 :)

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