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WedPost: YES! We're good in English!!!

...Post No. 11...Nov.17, 2010...
"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, 'I will try again tomorrow.'"
-Mary Ann Radmacher
And so, what's for my post this week?
~Yes! we're good in English!!!
~NO more renewal for me, what's next?
~PlayProd Report No. 01


This may seem very awkward, and people may think of me as somebody who uses the opportunity, but what the heck!?!

A few weeks ago, Ms. Lee Da Hae, a Korean Artist, tried to imitate how an English Teacher of three different accents would request for a glass of water. On the instance, she used the American, British and Filipino accents.

The result of the imitation? A video that is really insulting to us Filipinos. For those who do not know it yet, (practically, you don't know anything...)

When we informed our English Professor of this video, her reply was this... "The nerve! Mas malupit pang mag-ingles ang mga koreano, hapon at mga chinese kumpara sa mga Pilipino! Mas wild pa ang kanilang accent ng English compared to us, mas naiintindihan pa ang English natin compared sa kanila.

Filipinos were endowed with the gift of a tongue that can adapt to any situation. Look. When we are in front of an American audience, we can speak English without any lapses, walang mali. Still, when we are here in the Philippines, we can speak pure Tagalog or any dialect for the matter. Want some examples? CHARICE and LEA SALONGA. When they are in the US, they speak pure American English, yet when they are here, they can speak Tagalog and be a freak out of it."

And when my professor says it, I know it is true! Besides, this adaptable tongue had taken the Pinoy to global standards. The fact that youth from other nations study English here in the Philippines, and the innumerable Call Centers here in our land... Is it not a proof that we are good English Speakers? God!

I am a BSE student, taking English as my Major subject. The vid made me laugh alright, and I use it as a joke to my classmates, imitating the Filipino Teacher asking for a glass of water. Still, it hurts me that people of other races try to give a negative note on how we speak English. It may not be noticed first-hand, but look at how we try our best to speak the language fluently and accurately.

To Ms. Lee Da Hae, if ever you would read this, I understand that you only want to make Koreans laugh through your jokes. But it is not your job to ridicule other people, on their whole, be it the way they speak, walk or think. Please, ma'am, next time, when you try to strike a joke, give it in a way tht would not hurt others. Finally, ma'am, let me shout out. YES! WE ARE GOOD ENGLISH SPEAKERS!!!



No More Renewal for me, what's next?

The Diocesan Liturgical Commission of Kalookan had held its yearly renewal for members of Special Ministry of the Word last Saturday. According to my lector-friends, it was attended by the members of our Parish, lessened by the senior members who retired already, and other members who have their own reasons, I included.

My reason is practically my study leave. I told them to wait for me next year (which would not happen... awwts), when I'm already finished. But, they would never know the real reason behind my backing-out as a lector. It goes beyond studies. Way far beyond. (For privacy, I would opt not to speak of it anymore. Still, my past blogposts would give you a clue of what I mean.)

I ask myself, Now that I'm not renewed anymore, what's next?

Well, that would practically mean more time for myself, with no regrets. I would focus on studies and continue to live my life as a simple lay. That would mean lots of concentration on my other plans in life, away from the chisms inside the church, and the fuzz of schedules, and somebody who's pinning you at the back. You know who you are.

In other words, that would mean lots of time for my own rest. This is something which I virtually missed for more than six years. Now, I would have its totality.

I would have a very happy Christmas and New Year ahead perhaps. All this since I'm not tied anymore to such an organization which thinks of itself more than others. Out of a council full of plastic thoughts. Out of a holy person full of bad and insulting thoughts.

God, if this is the way in which you would want me to take, then may Your Holy Will be done! Guide me as your simple lay servant. Form me according to your desire. I entrust this matter to you.

By the way, if ever those concerned would read this, I'm very much sorry but I would never apologize with my views posted here in this section. You know how aggressive I am when it comes to you. I hope you understand my point. I'm always praying for you guys. God bless you!


PlayProd Repoort No. 1

ENG115 - Play Production. One of my most favorite subjects for a couple of reasons. This time, I would deal with the subject seriously, to the point that I would share with you some of the latest happenings with the subject, and with my classmates. Though it may not be all, still, I would like to share even a little of it with you.

Last week, we had elected our set of officers. I don't know them yet, except for the director, Ray Adrian Capuno. Maybe next week, I would give you the official list of Production Staff of the class.

We also had a little brainstorming on what genre to take, and its plot to be given focus on. Today, we would decide on what genre we should take, along with its story. We go bigtime, since it will be held at Malabon Amphitheater sometime in March 2011. This would mean a lot of money, time, props, and hard work.

Please pray for us, that we may have a very good rendition of the play. We may not give our excellent one, but we would exert all our efforts to give you guys an enjoyable one.

Still, as I always say, Not a yes, not a no. Always GOD-WILLING!!!


(Greetings and Announcements...)

~ Neo Catechumenal Communities 2-4 of Santa Cruz Parish, our Re-echo Convivence will be held on December 4-5 at Claret Retreat House, Quezon City. Prepare Php1,400.00 for the house fee.

~ 3ce Fam's next GEB on Sunday, Nov. 21, at Pinuno's crib, Navotas City. Be there by 4:00 PM.

~ Talking about next Sunday, Year ends on Sunday, with the Solemnity of Christ the King. Please go to your respective Parish offices for the schedule of celebration in your own community. I would give my best to present a beautiful year-ender of Ur Sunday Dose, so watch out for it on Friday.

~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week to the following guys:
Nov. 17: Hazel Joyce Perez
Nov. 18: Kira Bondoc, Mark Calangi
Nov. 19: Jocelyn Rosas, Kristine Licel Hernandez, Robienalyn Florentino
Nov. 21:
Navotas Mayor John Rey Tiangco, Christine Mendoza, Mrs. Suzanne Rivera, 3ce Fam Founder Bernadette Castro
Nov. 22: Freddy Graman
Nov. 23: Jarmie Jurado
May God continue to bless you, your families, and all your dreams and aspirations in life!

~ Thanks for your continued patronage to all my blogposts here in May God continue to bless you and your day!

BïTZëëlöG_111710 :)

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