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2010: BiTZeeloG BenteUno

BiTZeeloG BenteUno

In the last twelve days of 2010, I talked about how the year was for this guy in the side of the planet... a colorful one. I've shared with you, in nine text topics, and in a post of pictures, how twenty-ten has been both a blessing and a curse for me.

It's a good thing that I reminisce through the best and the worst of the year, since this serves as my mirror for the coming days and months that would constitute the year 2011. I can cherish the positive and shun the negative ones. I can move on through the joyful events and move away from the sad ones. Though the year has been a year of major tragedies, not only for the world, but most especially for me, still there had been little thoughts that made me cheer up even in the midst of sadness.

I continuously thank the Lord for such a blessing. Tulad nga ng sinabi ng aking pinakamatalik na kaibigan, Don't search for peace in the green pastures. Rather, look for it coming your way in the middle of the war. Just pray. I felt it, and it is really true. Peace is not always found in a tranquil environment, but rather, it is found better in the times of trial.

Now, I can leave 2010 in a positive and good mood. I know that though I am leaving battered, wounded and near-death, still I witnessed how the Lord has been really good to me! Kudos to you, my God for the blessing of 2010! It's Your will that I undergo this series of events that I may grow strong and in your grace.

Which makes me think of the people which I have encountered day in and day out: my Santa Cruz Parish Community, Neo Catechumenal Community, my classmates in CMU Batch 2011 and Batch 2012, and those who do not belong to my circle, yet left an imprint in my personality, be it good or bad; something which would be a part of me for the years to come. God bless them all, their families and endeavors.God bless them because without their participation, perhaps I would not be the person who I know I am right now.

But I pray that the blessings may ever shower to those whom I really love the most, my family. My ever-working mom, my thoughtful dad, my brother and sisters, together with all my nephews and nieces. May His grace be with us as we journey as one good - not a perfect - family.

But most of all, after everything I've undergone this year, I have just one prayer, that the coming year may be... SECRET!!! BAKA MAUSOG ANG WISH KO!!! hehehehehe.....


This makes me think...

Who could possibly be the Weldann that the people may come to know of in 2011?

Weldann in 2011 may be...

...thoughtful, yet fighting for his rights.

...knowledgeable, but still down-to-earth.

...a servant, but serving in silence. educator, but more of a friend than a disciplinarian.

...a classmate, but more sensitive and sensible.

...a pilgrim of the way, always heeding to God's voice, SHEMA! actor, giving his best not only for the grade, but more importantly for the definition of his personality.

...a blogger, more open and courageous to show his piece of everything to the world.

...a son, obedient yet independent.

...a lover? Maybe.

...loved? Very much!

But whatever I may be, one thing would never change...

Weldann in 2011 would still be ONE WITH YOU. :)

This concludes the post-series 2010: A YEAR OF COLORS AND EVERYTHING ELSE!

I pray that we may all have a very blessed 2011 ahead of us, and as I always pray in the last post of the year for the last five years...

The LORD bless you and keep you!
The LORD let his face shine upon
you, and be gracious to you!
The LORD look upon you kindly and
give you peace!

Numbers 6,24-26

BïTZëëlöG_123010 :)

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Before we say goodbye to the year that was 2010, let me share with you some photo-memories of the major events of the year.







DEO GRATIAS! Bishop Deo @ 25 - August 21

EDUCATION WEEK - September 07-09





I guess the pics would best justify how the year 2010 was for me... very much colorful.

I thank God and everyone who has been a part of my life this year from day one to day 365. I continue to pray that this year would end smoothly and in God's grace, as I anticipate the coming of another year in His blessings.

Tomorrow, I will post the last post of this site under the old url. Remember, andyan na si SIR...
BïTZëëlöG_122910 :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010



Well, this is more of the play that we are preparing to present this coming March. This post is just a little gist of what's in our story.

It's a story of five people and their fate after their deaths. At the point of death, they meet again in purgatory and meet of certain matters. Though I can't tell it so much until next month, I can still say that this is a beautiful play-in-preparation.

This is also my third chance to have a role in my subject. Can I do it?

Yes! I can do it with God's help.

BïTZëëlöG_122810 :)
I will rest tomorrow, as I prepare for the last post of the series, BITZEELOG BenteUno, my last post for the year 2010 under the old url. So, I'd see you on Thursday. :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

2010: The Great Fall


This is one of the highlight posts of the series, since this one talks of the failure that made my year the most devastating one, affecting the various events that had happened in the following months.

I remember the beginning of this fall. It was in March 19. My mommy is thinking then that my classes are over already. I can move on with my life then. I was planning to leave the city for my mom's province then, and live there.

That's my plan, but God has another plan, way painful yet awakening.

My classmate arrived at an uninvited time, and the secret was revealed, putting me in the hot seat for the coming weeks, and remorse and a curse for the coming months.

And what was that secret?

I was not already attending school since February. I was always leaving for school, but instead of really going there, I go somewhere else. I am enjoying what I was doing then, yet when the semester is nearing its end, I felt fear that my mommy would know my secret all along.

And she did.

With that began a painful series of events that made my summer. I was informed that I would not be able anymore to study at CMU because (I will never be afraid to tell you this) I have gained a grade of 5.00 in six subjects (in our school, three failing marks are equal to being kicked-out).

I will tell you that I almost committed suicide for that moment in my life. I was about to leave the house in guilt, and forget everything else.

But God is so good to me! In the nick of time, He came to my need. I was given a chance to continue studying, provided that I will study hard, get rid of failing marks, and study again my failing subjects.

Exactly what I am doing right now.

Though I am still facing the consequences of my wrong deeds, I know that God is still leading and paving the way for me. Thank God for the grace that I may study again. I continue praying that God may still be there for me, as always, especially in studies. I know, He will never let me fall again.

I will leave this year and the curse that comes with it. I hope that truly, 2011 will be for me a year of innumerable blessings. Blessings that I would cherish for the coming days and months.

BïTZëëlöG_122710 :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010: Maria Vitoyari Kaj


When you pass by my school and ask for Weldann or Bitoy, the guy you asked of it (provided that he belongs to the College of Education) would possibly reply, Ay, si Kuya Bitoy? Yung nagwala po nung education week namin? Tama, siya nga! Ay, wala po siya ngayon eh, absent na naman...

Kidding aside.

For me, the happiest week of the year 2010 is the week from September 6-10. This is the Education Week of the City of Malabon University, and in this week I showed-off the Weldann that CMU had never seen before. This is my wild week, and the culmination being my ladlad night.

From the busy preparation for the search for Mr. and Ms. Education 1 month before, to the night wherein I led the stage to the party mood, up until the gorgeous pageant night, wherein I showed the world my gay side, everything is all worth the garb.

After that night, everything was never the same again for me as a student. From the four years of the college, up to the professors, when they see me, I can hear certain echoes of words like Party Party!, Moving On!, and other sorts. Truly, I have made a mark to the school.

At least, I knew that the school year has had a good note of blessing for me. I hope this would last up until March, especially now that I'm in a bunch of school jobs that will make me working for the next few months.

BïTZëëlöG_122610 :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ur Sunday Dose: EMMANUEL: God with us! (PART TWO)

Dec. 26, 2010
Feast of the Holy Family: Jesus, Mary and Joseph
Si 3,2-6.12-14||Col 3,12-21
Mt 2,13-15.19-23

EMMANUEL: God with us!
(Part Two)

And to prove to you that this is a continuation, here is the last paragraph of yesterday's reflection...

We should never forget this, guys. There should be no other reason of the celebration but Jesus Christ. He is God-with-us! He is Emmanuel! Let us welcome him with open hearts, and joyful spirits!

Let us celebrate this with our family together. Remember, Jesus came in the midst of Mary and Joseph. Likewise it is best if we celebrate this as a family, welcoming the glorious King in all his humble state.

I am walking through the streets of Tanza, and see children accompanied by their parents, going to their godparents to ask for their Aguinaldo. It's good to see such view in our streets, aside from the fact that the parents want their children to be in good condition as they are doing this.

In Christmas, we celebrate the coming of God as man. Today, we celebrate the family, the chosen instrument by God for man to be saved. Jesus did not come in the midst of jungle animals and lived in the obscurity of the forest. He did not came in the sea and lived there with the fishes.

Jesus came as Man, and to the human family he dwelt, there he grew and was formed to be a rightful citizen. He came to know of the Law, the usual household errands and carpentry through his parents, Mary and Joseph. Through the careful eye of these two grateful parents, the Emmanuel truly dwelt within the human confines, living like them in all things except sin.


Through the example of the Holy Family, we come to realize that every family - each and every family of the world - is a manifestation of the Emmanuel. God dwells within each and every family which lives in love, trust prayer and peace. (First and Second Reading)

Even to the point that to save him, Joseph took him and Mary to Egypt to live there for some time. Herod that time is furious with the new-born king, fearing that he may overtake the throne sometime soon. This is also the reason why there are the Holy Innocents, offering their juvenile lives for the savior. (Gospel Passage)
But the newborn king is not after the riches of the world; he is after winning the hearts of men and offering it to his Heavenly Father. He is after our conversion, he is after our sanctity in living. And to do this, he willed that he dwell inside the human family, to share with their pains, sufferings, victories and joys.

We look into our own families, and ask ourselves, do we live like the Holy Family of Nazareth? Do we live as one, in humility, simplicity and praise, where the other is Christ? Or like Herod, do we support the actions of the world which are against the family and life?


It may be a special coincidence that the Solemnity of Christmas goes one day ahead of the Feast of the Holy Family. As yesterday we celebrate the coming of Jesus, the Emmanuel, today may we be reminded that Jesus lived, and first became Emmanuel in the Family. Through that, we shall always be guided in all our affairs and doings that God is the center of our homes, of our families.

Christmas would never be the same if we share it with the ones that we love. Let us spend the season with the group of people where God first manifested as Emmanuel: nowhere else but the family.


I believe in Jesus Christ and in the beauty of the gospel begun in Bethlehem.

I believe in the one whose spirit glorified a little town; and whose spirit still brings music to persons all over the world, in towns both large and small.

I believe in the one for whom the crowded inn could find no room, and I confess that my heart still sometimes wants to exclude Christ from my life today.

I believe in the one who the rulers of the earth ignored and the proud could never understand; whose life was among common people, whose welcome came from persons of hungry hearts.

I believe in the one who proclaimed the love of God to be invincible:

I believe in the one whose cradle was a mother's arms, whose modest home in Nazareth had love for its only wealth, who looked at persons and made them see what God's love saw in them, who by love brought sinners back to purity, and lifted human weakness up to meet the strength of God.

I confess my ever-lasting need of God: The need of forgiveness for our selfishness and greed, the need of new life for empty souls, the need of love for hearts grown cold.

I believe in God who gives us the best of himself. I believe in Jesus, the Emmanuel, the son of the living God, born in Bethlehem this night, for me and for the world. Amen.
(Christmas Creed)

BïTZëëlöG_122510 :)

2010: Shema!


First things first... MERRY CHRISTMAS, PEOPLE!

Kie, let's move on with the series. We're now on the last week of 2010, and I reserved the best for the coming six days, so stay put as we continue looking back on the "curses" and "blessings" of 2010 for me.

When yesterday, I shared with you those things that happened with my spiritual endeavors for 2010 in general, this one would also be about my spiritual endeavors, but in a specific manner. This post would talk about the contribution of the Neo Catechumenal Way in lifting my spirit through that vast desert of 2010.

In a very special manner, the Way had been there to support me on those times where I am near giving up. Totoo nga na God called me to walk in this way, and in it He sustains me with strength.

I remember last summer, when I was at the brink of giving up because of the great fall (that's my next post in the series), my community came to the rescue just in time, and in it began my recovery from a great wound in my personality.

I attended the Convivence of the Shema last May. "Shema" in Hebrew means "listen". I came there in a battered spirit, and I agree that there God created a very marvelous deed, for as I was listening to the catechesis, I felt that I was being healed all over. My joy is overflowing on that note.

And truly, God created a miracle after that convivence, because after that, I was still able to go back to school, when I thought of looking for another school in the summer.

This could be the reason why although the forces around me conflict with my walking in the way, God still leaves me a reason to continue walking, renouncing, and living in humility, simplicity, and praise.

That's the reason why after all that I've undergone in the past year, I can still leave it smiling. This is my gift to Jesus today... the gift of perseverance in each of the challenges that he gave me this year. Mission is not yet accomplished, but as long as I listen to His words, I know he'll never let me down.


Merry Christmas, guys!!!

BïTZëëlöG_122510 :)

(I will continue the rendition of Ur Sunday Dose later this day. It will focus now on the Feast of the Holy Family. I also have an announcement for Ur Sunday Dose and JEM@Blogger sometime in the last week of 2010. Watch out for it!)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Ur Sunday Dose: EMMANUEL: God with us! (PART ONE)

Dec. 25, 2010
Midnight Mass:
Is 9,1-6 || Ti 2,11-14
Lk 2,1-14

Mass of the Day:
Is 52,7-10||Heb 1,1-6

EMMANUEL: God with us!
(Part One)



Look around you. What do you see in the smiles of the children? In the bustle of family get-togethers? In the carols sung by the choir? What do you think is the reason behind this?

Do you feel the mystery, the magic, the thrill of this day? What is it that makes this day special from the others?

At last, after four long weeks of joyous preparation, we have arrived to the first Pasch of the liturgical year: the Pasch of the Birth of our Lord. Truly that this day calls for a celebration. From the joyful feast of the Noche Buena to the Filipino Tradition of visiting our godparents, to the mood of this most anticipated day, truly our way of welcoming the Christ Child is beyond compare.

Somehow, we feel the mystery which wraps around this day with our mortal senses. Though we only Christianized this day from the pagans, still the meaning that lies underneath the celebration leads us to the real faith, to what we believe: that Jesus Christ, being God omnipotent, did not cling to his dignity, emptied himself and became man.

And as he emptied himself, he willed that he may be born in a humble estate, there in the stable, witnessed by his parents Mary and Joseph, by the animals and by some shepherds. Unlike what the Jews expected, the King of Glory is born in such poor stature, that he may show us where he really dwells.

The Word came into flesh and dwelt among us... EMMANUEL! He embraced our poor stature, and glorified it through his life, death and resurrection. He never left us alone; he came to save you and me. And to do that, he willed that he may be born within the midst of the common tao, so that from there, he may show his great power over all the principalities of this world, the last one being sin and death.


During the last few days, I watched this commercial wherein a teenager, because he was dooped by his girl, grouped himself among the SMP: Samahang Malalamig ang Pasko.

We are somewhat asked by that commercial: Why do we celebrate Christmas? Is it because of the money, the gifts or mundane affairs, such as human love? No, guys. This should not be our reason why we need to celebrate this day. If so, sigurado akong hindi Pasko ang ipinagdiriwang natin. We only celebrate our enjoyment, and not the real reason of the celebration.

We should celebrate this day because God came to be with us. He is indeed with us!

EMMANUEL! God is with us! This is the main reason why we celebrate this day. That is the reason why we spend four weeks lighting four candles in joyful anticipation. This is the reason why we sacrifice for the last nine mornings. This is the reason of Christmas. EMMANUEL!

And never in our lives have we been SMP: Samahang Malalamig ang Pasko. Because Christ came in our midst and never left us empty-handed afterwards, we belong to SMP: Samahang Makabuluhan ang Pasko!

We should never forget this, guys. There should be no other reason of the celebration but Jesus Christ. He is God-with-us! He is Emmanuel! Let us welcome him with open hearts, and joyful spirits! Let us celebrate this with our family together. Remember, Jesus came in the midst of Mary and Joseph...

(To be continued...)


BïTZëëlöG_122410 :)

2010: Madla!


Since it's Christmas tomorrow, the next two posts of the 2010 series would focus on two religious undertakings which I have undergone this year. The other one will be posted tomorrow. As for today, I would focus on those other religious landmarks which I have undertaken this year.

Madla! is taken from the call name of all members of 100% Katolikong Pinoy, Madlang Faithful! This year, I am very much grateful to this online ministry because in one way or another, the group had led me to many places, meet new people, and inspire me to do something in which I came to know of: rendering Gospel Reflections.

This year has been a witness to my first visit to Sto. Domingo Church, and to La Gran Señora, La Naval de Manila. Her majesty is better if seen first-hand.I did this on the 10th day of the 10th month of the 10th year. This makes it memorable and truly unforgettable.

With that visit is my first chance to meet one member of 100%KP, Jay-el. He's just the start of a handful of people who I've met and came to know of as new acquaintances and friends for this year. Among them is Oggie Cayetano, noting because we have similarities. Same age, same course in college, same dark history. That's Gigz.

But one proof of the support of the group to my endeavors is your friday habit, Ur Sunday Dose. I thought that I will actually grow tired with writing Gospel Reflections, but the spirit grew stronger each and every Friday. Parang hindi uubrang walang linggo na dadaan without the Gospel Reflections posted in this site.All these with the support of the Madlang Faithful.

Outside the group, and inside my diocese, I also came to experience the best of my faith.

Holy Week for me is equal to liturgical job. I have served this year as the Master of Ceremonies for the liturgical services of the parish for the Holy Week.

I also witnessed the 25th Anniversary of Bishop Deogracias Iñiguez in the Episcopate last August.

Being one of the organizers of our Parish Fiesta, we gave the first light to the Parish Caracol.

Though I had some spiritual problems at the latter part of the year, still God gave me the strength to work and pray for the betterment of the community in worship. I will not leave this year in dryness. He provides us with new and new strength each day of our lives. I know that as the year ends, we will cross the bridge with smile on our lips and strength in our spirits.

BïTZëëlöG_122410 :)

(Later today, I will post a two-part Christmas Rendition of Ur Sunday Dose, covering the Solemnity of our Lord's Birth and the Feast of the Holy Family. Stay put, guys!)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010: The Desert

The Desert

Maybe this is second to the darkest part of my life for this year.

For its greater part, 2010 has been like a desert for me wherein I'm walking but I don't know where I'm going. It's very vast and wild to the senses that I almost came to the point that I am quitting.

I can cite three great events this year which left a mark, a scar on my personality. Three rocking events in 2010 that made me walk anywhere to look for myself.

One. Summer

Summer. Summer. The summer of this year is an unforgettable one for me. This is the summer in which I looked for myself, but I can't find it.

I looked for it in boys. Though I enjoyed for some time, I realized that my enjoyment is not really in them and what comes out of them. (bahala na kayong mag-isip.).

Nagka-isyu pa nga na nagdadala daw ako ng boys sa bahay... Well, that's a no-no for me. It's true that I'm allowing and entertaining my visitors when they come into the house, but to allow a man to enter the house for pleasure...!

Two. Mother

July the First. For the first time (and I'm not proud of it), I had a greatly painful fight with my mommy. Because of her old age and behavior which I can't take anymore, I was forced to leave the house for a day. I returned in the evening, but because of the pain and shame, it was not until the Sunday following that I came to her knees and asked her forgiveness.

It was repeated just days after I turned 20. it was so painful that it took me almost two weeks to talk to her again.

Malamang nga, dumadaan sa ganoon ang mga anak. Doon nagiging matatag sa pagsasama ang isang mag-ina.

Three. Parish

I need to add this, since it happened recently and I admit that it caused me so much pain in the heart and in the neck.

It was the fifth day of Simbang Gabi, when because of a certain situation, an old fellow at the Ministry scolded me and said to me that I have no right whatsoever. It made me go low again. Hindi pa nga ako nakaka-move on sa problem ko with the parish priest, ito pa ang mangyayari.

Thank goodness, some action has been done. He is on his way to suspension...

This goes aside to what happened last summer between me and my parish priest. This month, I was humbled to go and approach him. Forgiveness is on its way, and I know that the Lord is leading me to the right thing to do.


I admit, I searched for myself for this year, and I failed to find it. I always pray that the day will come next year that I would find my own oasis in life.

But for now, as Fra. Dave and many friends of mine said, I must chill, and face my problems in a calm mood.

Well, high hopes for 2011!

BïTZëëlöG_122310 :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010: Wansuy...


I was asked one time what is the meaning of Wansuy, and why do I use it in texting. I know Wansuy as a vegetable, though what it is in the English term. But because of its very catchy character, I used it knowing that through that line, people will remember me.

Well, 2010 opened a new portal for me to enter, and I found myself in a new dimension: this is the world of texting clans and fams.

I entered the world of Threece Familia last October. I have stayed there for five weeks before I left them for another clan: VFC (Virus Friendly Clan).

They welcomed me through my graceful entrance, and accepted my jolly and jealous behavior. They made me open to a diverse world of different persons, majority from the lower sector of our society (who has cellphones), having different behaviors, but united with the gift of friendship.

They also introduced me to GEBs and drinking sprees, without smoking of course, and I introduced them to a game, a survey (PoTPoT!) wherein I give away load for somebody who's picked from my magic glass.

But for the greater part of it, this year became a year in which I opened myself to another identity. I enjoyed it for a very particular reason. the reason that I have a fam that would listen to me and to my problems.

But for another, much graver fact, nothing compares more to my family, the biological one...

... most especially when I lost my cellphone. My family listened to me when I needed my texting fam the most.

Well, though my cellphone isn't around for the coming New Year, I know that as long as there is this group of people waiting for me to come to their every bonding or GEB, I know that that guy named BïTZëëlöG would be here to stay.


BïTZëëlöG_122210 :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010: ZEKE XX (The 200th Post)


Who would have thought that the monumental 200th post of this site would still tackle about the best 20 years in my life?

Yes! It is true. After five years and 200 posts, this site is still kicking, thanks to the inspiration of the people and things that kick me around.

Well, this 200th post is about my birthday last A-19. It has its tagname: ZEKE XX, 20 YEARS OF BEING SOMEBODY FOR EVERYBODY. The turn of the decade has been a drastic year for me. If yesterday, I talked about the dark side of my life for 2010 (which is just a headstart of it), today I would like to share with you one of the most enjoying days which passed by this day... the day when I turned 20.

This day in my life was spent wisely: Home-Church-friends-School. A good jive gives me a fabulous A-19 for this year. Though it is not as garb as my other birthdays, still this day is remembered as the day in which I began the turn in my life from a servant to an educator.

This day has its very special realization: I have a very enlightening and vast future ahead of me, that I must not curb to the problems of the past.

Though the first month of my 20th year is very much of a transition stage, I was still able to cope up with the various initial problems that I'd undergone, one of which is the Education Week.

I saw myself as a schoolguy for this year. And evident as it is, the first four months of my 20th year was spent almost entirely in schooling. I have faith in my heart that I could persevere in my schooling, that I can stand up from my fall. I know that I could graduate.

But for now, I must put aside those things which has nothing to do with formal education. Mga panggulo lang sila sa buhay ko. Mga walang saysay na bagay na nagpapadagdag sa gulong nararamdaman ko sa kalooban ko. Tama. Mga walang kwenta. Mga pandagdag sa gulo.

2011 is a year of hopes for me. Though I'm bringing with me some pieces of the dark history, I know that I can start this coming year with a smile in my face and hope in my heart that I can continue straightening things. And I know if I can straighten things up, I can certainly pass through this year bloody, yet smiling. I know, God is there for me.

Finally, let me share with you what has been my THREE WISHES for this year...

I wish good life and blessings to everyone who became a part of my life for the past year, good or bad. This is for all, be they my family and friends, enemies and acquaintances.

I wish for more strength from up above, for me to get over with the temptations of my age.

I wish, not only for discernment, but also the grace and mercy necessary for me to overcome every test and trial on the coming year, and to overcome all with smile on my lips.

BïTZëëlöG_122110 :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

2010: RED


Red is the color of my bike.

Red is the color of my t-shirt when I celebrate my birthday.

Red is the dress of Ms. Maria Vitoyari Kaj.

And Red is my color of emotions for 2010.

Well, my year is full of redness. In one way or another, I used the color Red to show-off my side of life. It is my sign of rebellion, against certain things in this world which is against my views.

It hurts me so much when I am rejected and considered as an outcast. That's one side of the year for me.

I was overtly and covertly misunderstood by the people around me.

...Maybe it's because of certain views which is against the general precept of the world. Perhaps, it's because of my same-old bananas which make them go icky towards the way I act or think.

Not at all times does a priest act like a priest. Sometimes, he acts as a lunatic showing-off to the world that he is a priest, though deep inside he isn't. I remember that day when my Parish Priest dooped me because of certain chisms which is certainly not true. He took off his trust from me, because I am walking in the Neo Catechumenal Way. He called me as a guy who does not have palabra de honor. All these because he doesn't understand me, and my acts. Yes, I may opt to go with the flow, but when I know that everything is wrong, then being a sensitive Christian, I must correct every flaw. This is not welcomed by the mob, so they disregarded all my past deeds and dooped me down to the earth.

I left the parish ministry for a "study leave", with some folks really knowing my situation. And they welcomed me and made me feel that there is a community waiting and understanding me.

I MISS THE OLD SYSTEM OF MY PARISH. Though the flow took me to where I am right now, nevertheless I miss the people and things which I was doing before the great move.

Don't go with people whom you do not know. At the first weekend of this month, I dooped myself to the earth for committing a terrible mistake. At first glance, I felt heaven for such, but after everything else, I rebelled against myself for such wrong act.

This makes me realize that even the Word of God which I proclaimed can also be used for personal and lustful purposes. Never considering the consequences that it may bring.

This makes me fearlessly warn each and everyone of you... BEWARE OF BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS! You may never know that their teachings may take you to crave their sexual desires.


As the year ends in just a few days, I pray that this rebellion may cease in gradual strides. I know it's hard, and so, God help me!

BïTZëëlöG_122010 :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010


As we bid adieu to JEM@Blogger and to the year 2010, we will have a ten-day series of posts about what the past year has been for me... a year of falling down and standing up, a year of adventures and discoveries, A YEAR OF COLORS AND EVERYTHING ELSE.

Starting tomorrow, I will post nine stories depicting every period, event, or status which I had undergone this year. If the subtitles had catch your eyes, might as well, you would have a deeper understanding of what the past year has been for me if you read the underlying thoughts and ideas in it.

And on the last post, it will be a fearless forecast of what the next year would be for me (That's my official year-end post, and the last one for JEM@Blogger).

Together with the three pilot posts of the site, this would form what would be the Last Ten days of JEM@Blogger. I'm very much exited to begin this series, so I invite you to be with me as I share my piece of 2010 with you on the last 10 days of the year which I lovingly call...


All here on JEM@Blogger, One With You... :)

Friday, December 17, 2010


Dec. 19, 2010
Fourth Sunday of Advent
Is 7,10-14 || Rom 1,1-7
Mt 1,18-24


So... this is it.

Here comes the last Sunday of the Advent Season; the last weekend before Christmas. People tend to become very busy these days. Some go to malls to buy food for the Noche Buena, or gifts for the loved ones. Others (like me) continue the Filipino tradition of the Simbang Gabi, and go to sleep through the whole day because they would still want to look fresh on Christmas. Others go to the provinces for vacation el grande, because they had already received their 13th Month Pay and Christmas Bonus. Whatever we may be doing these days, one thing is sure... we are busy.

Busy for what? My priest-friend said in his homily, we should not be busy because it is "in"; rather, we should really know that main reason why we are having such haggard preparation: because we are excited for somebody to come, and we tend to sacrifice some of our treasure, even just for this time of the year, for that somebody coming on his way.

And that somebody is Jesus Christ. He is Emmanuel, God-with-us!

True, when Christmas Day comes, we feel such joy that we only experience once in a year, and we feel contented despite the financial crisis that we are undergoing. For us, whatever we spent is not important; what's important are the joy and blessings that's bestowed upon us, and we share with our brothers and sisters. What's important is the thought that we've prepared enough for the coming of Our Lord. And more important, through our sacrifice we experience His presence healing our every pain and completing our gaps in life. We feel that God is really with us!

We see, we really tend to have some sacrifice before we experience God in us. Though we have some hesitation, at the end we still say that we have no regrets that we did it. All these because God does not dwell in hearts of pride, but in hearts of people who give from the heart, and whose life depend on Him.

And besides, if we think that we are the only race in this world that's prone to a lot of sacrificing for Christmas, we are certainly wrong.

Sometime, 2010 years ago, somebody also sacrificed for the Messiah to come. He knows that he is living in a culture who's very conservative and patriarchal. He may take his pride and honor rather than fight for a child who's not literally his son, and so put her girlfriend to death. But he looked beyond the culture, he left behind his masculine ego, and considered that child as a blessing from up above to her girl. He sacrificed a big deal, so as to relish the God-with-us in a more personal manner.

Who is he? Nobody else but the Adoptive Father of the Savior and Patron of the Universal Church. He goes by the name... JOSEPH.

We see the image of Joseph as a silent father in the scriptures. There are no recorded words which come from him. However, his silent role is really a definitive one, for under his tutelage, Jesus grew in wisdom and favor from God and the people of Nazareth. He sacrificed in silence, as we come to see of it; never considering any ill-will for his adopted son, rather, loving him as his real son, and forming him to be a good Jewish citizen, and later, the favored Son of God the Father.

For sacrificing his earthly righteousness, he earned heavenly righteousness. Now, the Church invokes him as its patron, trusting that as he took care of the Savior in his childhood and youth, likewise, he will take care of us, his spiritual children and brothers and sisters in Christ.

Truly, Joseph is considered among the images of Advent, next to Mary and John the baptist. Like the two latter figures, Joseph also waited in holy anticipation for the coming of the Messiah. Though silent, his actions speak very much of the sacrifice which he endured for the coming of the Redeemer. And at the end of it, he also rejoiced in its coming, and further, he was blessed to see the Messiah face-to-face, to hold, care and love him, and to form him into a righteous man.

As we light the fourth candle in the wreath, the Candle of Love, we pray to Jesus, the Emmanuel, that like Joseph, his adoptive father, who loved him very much and cared for him despite the odds of the Jewish culture, we may continue to persevere in our sacrifice which is being done in anticipation of the coming of the Messiah, not only in Christmas, but more fittingly, in everyday of our lives. May we continually be blessed in this season of sacrifice, in all-hopes that at the each moment of our lives, we see Jesus, the Emmanuel, and at the end of our journey on Earth, we rejoice at being with him in Eternal life!


Lord Jesus, we have now come to the last Sunday of our preparation for your coming on Christmas. We pray that you continue to guide us in the coming days which lead to your birth in that lonely, yet holy stable. Wrap us in the warmth of your divine presence. Fill our empty spaces with the love that only you can provide. Bless us and all our endeavors with your divine graces.

Like Joseph, teach us to sacrifice rightly despite the odds of the world, so as to rejoice at your consolation, and at the end of our lives, we may come to see you in the glories of heaven, our ultimate goal and true home.

Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus! Amen.

Mary, our Queen and Mother, pray for us!

Joseph, Adoptive Father of the Savior, pray for us!

BïTZëëlöG_121710 :)