Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: BiTZeeloG BenteUno

BiTZeeloG BenteUno

In the last twelve days of 2010, I talked about how the year was for this guy in the side of the planet... a colorful one. I've shared with you, in nine text topics, and in a post of pictures, how twenty-ten has been both a blessing and a curse for me.

It's a good thing that I reminisce through the best and the worst of the year, since this serves as my mirror for the coming days and months that would constitute the year 2011. I can cherish the positive and shun the negative ones. I can move on through the joyful events and move away from the sad ones. Though the year has been a year of major tragedies, not only for the world, but most especially for me, still there had been little thoughts that made me cheer up even in the midst of sadness.

I continuously thank the Lord for such a blessing. Tulad nga ng sinabi ng aking pinakamatalik na kaibigan, Don't search for peace in the green pastures. Rather, look for it coming your way in the middle of the war. Just pray. I felt it, and it is really true. Peace is not always found in a tranquil environment, but rather, it is found better in the times of trial.

Now, I can leave 2010 in a positive and good mood. I know that though I am leaving battered, wounded and near-death, still I witnessed how the Lord has been really good to me! Kudos to you, my God for the blessing of 2010! It's Your will that I undergo this series of events that I may grow strong and in your grace.

Which makes me think of the people which I have encountered day in and day out: my Santa Cruz Parish Community, Neo Catechumenal Community, my classmates in CMU Batch 2011 and Batch 2012, and those who do not belong to my circle, yet left an imprint in my personality, be it good or bad; something which would be a part of me for the years to come. God bless them all, their families and endeavors.God bless them because without their participation, perhaps I would not be the person who I know I am right now.

But I pray that the blessings may ever shower to those whom I really love the most, my family. My ever-working mom, my thoughtful dad, my brother and sisters, together with all my nephews and nieces. May His grace be with us as we journey as one good - not a perfect - family.

But most of all, after everything I've undergone this year, I have just one prayer, that the coming year may be... SECRET!!! BAKA MAUSOG ANG WISH KO!!! hehehehehe.....


This makes me think...

Who could possibly be the Weldann that the people may come to know of in 2011?

Weldann in 2011 may be...

...thoughtful, yet fighting for his rights.

...knowledgeable, but still down-to-earth.

...a servant, but serving in silence. educator, but more of a friend than a disciplinarian.

...a classmate, but more sensitive and sensible.

...a pilgrim of the way, always heeding to God's voice, SHEMA! actor, giving his best not only for the grade, but more importantly for the definition of his personality.

...a blogger, more open and courageous to show his piece of everything to the world.

...a son, obedient yet independent.

...a lover? Maybe.

...loved? Very much!

But whatever I may be, one thing would never change...

Weldann in 2011 would still be ONE WITH YOU. :)

This concludes the post-series 2010: A YEAR OF COLORS AND EVERYTHING ELSE!

I pray that we may all have a very blessed 2011 ahead of us, and as I always pray in the last post of the year for the last five years...

The LORD bless you and keep you!
The LORD let his face shine upon
you, and be gracious to you!
The LORD look upon you kindly and
give you peace!

Numbers 6,24-26

BïTZëëlöG_123010 :)

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