Friday, December 24, 2010

2010: Madla!


Since it's Christmas tomorrow, the next two posts of the 2010 series would focus on two religious undertakings which I have undergone this year. The other one will be posted tomorrow. As for today, I would focus on those other religious landmarks which I have undertaken this year.

Madla! is taken from the call name of all members of 100% Katolikong Pinoy, Madlang Faithful! This year, I am very much grateful to this online ministry because in one way or another, the group had led me to many places, meet new people, and inspire me to do something in which I came to know of: rendering Gospel Reflections.

This year has been a witness to my first visit to Sto. Domingo Church, and to La Gran Señora, La Naval de Manila. Her majesty is better if seen first-hand.I did this on the 10th day of the 10th month of the 10th year. This makes it memorable and truly unforgettable.

With that visit is my first chance to meet one member of 100%KP, Jay-el. He's just the start of a handful of people who I've met and came to know of as new acquaintances and friends for this year. Among them is Oggie Cayetano, noting because we have similarities. Same age, same course in college, same dark history. That's Gigz.

But one proof of the support of the group to my endeavors is your friday habit, Ur Sunday Dose. I thought that I will actually grow tired with writing Gospel Reflections, but the spirit grew stronger each and every Friday. Parang hindi uubrang walang linggo na dadaan without the Gospel Reflections posted in this site.All these with the support of the Madlang Faithful.

Outside the group, and inside my diocese, I also came to experience the best of my faith.

Holy Week for me is equal to liturgical job. I have served this year as the Master of Ceremonies for the liturgical services of the parish for the Holy Week.

I also witnessed the 25th Anniversary of Bishop Deogracias Iñiguez in the Episcopate last August.

Being one of the organizers of our Parish Fiesta, we gave the first light to the Parish Caracol.

Though I had some spiritual problems at the latter part of the year, still God gave me the strength to work and pray for the betterment of the community in worship. I will not leave this year in dryness. He provides us with new and new strength each day of our lives. I know that as the year ends, we will cross the bridge with smile on our lips and strength in our spirits.

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(Later today, I will post a two-part Christmas Rendition of Ur Sunday Dose, covering the Solemnity of our Lord's Birth and the Feast of the Holy Family. Stay put, guys!)

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