Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010: Maria Vitoyari Kaj


When you pass by my school and ask for Weldann or Bitoy, the guy you asked of it (provided that he belongs to the College of Education) would possibly reply, Ay, si Kuya Bitoy? Yung nagwala po nung education week namin? Tama, siya nga! Ay, wala po siya ngayon eh, absent na naman...

Kidding aside.

For me, the happiest week of the year 2010 is the week from September 6-10. This is the Education Week of the City of Malabon University, and in this week I showed-off the Weldann that CMU had never seen before. This is my wild week, and the culmination being my ladlad night.

From the busy preparation for the search for Mr. and Ms. Education 1 month before, to the night wherein I led the stage to the party mood, up until the gorgeous pageant night, wherein I showed the world my gay side, everything is all worth the garb.

After that night, everything was never the same again for me as a student. From the four years of the college, up to the professors, when they see me, I can hear certain echoes of words like Party Party!, Moving On!, and other sorts. Truly, I have made a mark to the school.

At least, I knew that the school year has had a good note of blessing for me. I hope this would last up until March, especially now that I'm in a bunch of school jobs that will make me working for the next few months.

BïTZëëlöG_122610 :)

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