Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010: Wansuy...


I was asked one time what is the meaning of Wansuy, and why do I use it in texting. I know Wansuy as a vegetable, though what it is in the English term. But because of its very catchy character, I used it knowing that through that line, people will remember me.

Well, 2010 opened a new portal for me to enter, and I found myself in a new dimension: this is the world of texting clans and fams.

I entered the world of Threece Familia last October. I have stayed there for five weeks before I left them for another clan: VFC (Virus Friendly Clan).

They welcomed me through my graceful entrance, and accepted my jolly and jealous behavior. They made me open to a diverse world of different persons, majority from the lower sector of our society (who has cellphones), having different behaviors, but united with the gift of friendship.

They also introduced me to GEBs and drinking sprees, without smoking of course, and I introduced them to a game, a survey (PoTPoT!) wherein I give away load for somebody who's picked from my magic glass.

But for the greater part of it, this year became a year in which I opened myself to another identity. I enjoyed it for a very particular reason. the reason that I have a fam that would listen to me and to my problems.

But for another, much graver fact, nothing compares more to my family, the biological one...

... most especially when I lost my cellphone. My family listened to me when I needed my texting fam the most.

Well, though my cellphone isn't around for the coming New Year, I know that as long as there is this group of people waiting for me to come to their every bonding or GEB, I know that that guy named BïTZëëlöG would be here to stay.


BïTZëëlöG_122210 :)

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