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Thought for the Week...
For last year's words belong to last year's language; and next year's words await another voice.
- T.S. Eliot


~Walang kokontra... TAON KO 'TO!!!
~Welcome to the SirBitz@Blogger!
PlayProd Report No. 06



These are my opening words for the New Year 2011, as I wrote of it in Facebook. A new year of blessings and challenges intermingling, giving me another year full of colors. A renewed hope is experienced whenever we celebrate a New Year ahead, and I'm certain to tell that I'm one with everybody having a positive outlook in this year.

As you know, I had spent the last ten days of 2010 writing the best and worst of me for the ending year. It was truly a hardcore experience, kasi napakahirap bumalik sa nakaraan kong masalimuot. The fact that the year was full of hardships more than blessings makes it hard for me to continue writing under the series.

Pero natapos ko siya! 

And I had a glorious end to it through a forecast, something which I perceive to be in 2011. Hindi naman siya napakahirap, though bago ko ma-attain ang ilan sa mga yun, I need to face my inferiorities. Something which is really hard for me to do. But knowing that if I face it with God's help, everything will be fair-square. 

I remember one of those first things I did for 2011. I was asked by mommy to light our paluces. It is really long and big that I need to lift it up para hindi ako masaktan. You know what? As it is lighting, I imagined my persona being the light which illuminates the welcome of the new year. I felt something within me telling, "Kaya ko ito. Kaya ko ito. Papatunayan ko sa inyong lahat na taon ko ito. This is my year!"

And that made me smile and uplifted. I know that positive things would dominate this year. Many things would come, but when put together, I know this would make me happy. This would prove that 2011 is my year!
I would be more precise with tis on the next WedPost. For now, here's to another year of possibilities, hopes and dreams! HERE'S TO 2011!!!


WELCOME TO SirBitz@Blogger!

Well, before the year ended, I did what I promised before. You're reading the first WedPost under SirBitz@Blogger! It's already here! Well, It's here for five days already, and though the acceptance is not that quite, yet I know that it is not important since the ideas in the site is already here for sometime now. It's just the URL which changed, along with the look-and-feel.

Well, the promise is not fulfilled in its fullness. I was supposed to have a light L-n-F over this site, but because the computer which I am using crashed, deleting all the files, I have nothing to do but to adapt the present format of the blogsite, make some editing, add some pics, and presto! Here it is!

I promise you guys that a better site is on its way. I don't know when, but it would not take another year to finish it. Allow me to spend some time first on those things which I need to do.

Aside from that, The Webbie world welcomed another blogsite. It is the official home (from now on) of the favorite segment in this site, Ur Sunday Dose. You can read it now at  Since it is a new site, it was warmly accepted by the same people who welcomed it in July of 2010. With God's grace, I know that this site would stay for a long time.

Well, this is a sign that the New Year is a start of something new for me as a blogger. I hope that this would continue for the days, weeks and months to come.


PlayProd Report No. 06

The last week of the year was spent on practices. So does the first week of the year. It seems to me that PlayProd has deeply rooted itself on my veins! 

As of today, the script was revised by yours truly, covering those lapses which was obvious at the first script. Also, we are getting ready for the Critic Day on the last week of January, wherein the play which we prepared will be criticized by older students who have undergone the subject before.

Time is ticking, and there are a lot of things to do. I hope that we could do everything on-time, and work our hearts out for Purgatorio.

Aja BSE 2B!!!



> Sto. NiƱo Feast Day 2011 - January 16, 2011. Novena Masses on January 07-15. Go to your respective parish offices for more info regarding this event.

> HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the following people:
JANUARY 01 - Janine Javier, Maria Isabel Layron, Zarah Aquino
JANUARY 03 - Ian Dexter Viola, Harold Cister, Rina Jean Soriano
JANUARY 04 - Thelma Ventilacion
And to the Birthday Celebrants for this week... (as I usually do in WedPost)
JANUARY 05 - Tricia Khay Palaypay
JANUARY 06 - Michael Tumanda, Ninang Dory de Leon, Ana Margarita Manalili
JANUARY 07 - John Paul Rizare, Joshua Erlano
JANUARY 08 - Dominique Sto. Tomas, Chalez Gutierrez, Jerry Vicencio
JANUARY 10 - Reycel Baga
JANUARY 11 - Joven Dela Rosa, Mary Margaret Veedor, Mark Joshua Agulto
May God continuously bless you everyday in your new year of life!

>And finally, as I said in my first status message in FB on the first day of 2011...
WELCOME 2011!!! May God continue to bless us and all our endeavors in this New Year of dreams, hopes, and realities. HAPPY NEW YEAR, GUYS!!!

SirBitz_010511 :)

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