Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WedPost: Thanks to my Multivitamins!

...Post No. 17...Jan. 12, 2011...
Thought for the Week...
Showing-off is the fool's idea of glory.
- Bruce Lee
~TAON KO 'TO!!!... and the Reality of it.
~BiTZ' Busy-ness and Steady-energy Complex
~Heads off to the Palace!
~PlayProd Report No. 07

TAON KO 'TO!!!... and the Reality of it.

Last WedPost, I had told you that may things will happen this year; simple thoughts that when put together, will prove to the world that this is truly my year.

> After three takes, I will have the realization of my play production entitled Purgatorio. It will happen this coming March, and the thought of it makes me excited and leads me to panic preparation. I've been through with writing the script, now's the rehearsals. Natural problems occur but that's a part of the game, what do I expect? I still pray that the outcome of the production will be a success.

> I'm taking the second chance to immerse myself in the field. Here comes 'Sir Bitoy!' I've been spending the last two months going to Malabon National High School and the experience makes me prepared for the surge that will go my way when, God-willing, I'm already in the real field.

> Year of studies, I suppose. After a year spent in doing things that are away from the real thing, this one is a serious year; I must dwell into studies.

> Of course, the central reason behind the motto is my 21st birthday on August. After 21 years, I've made it! This is another reason to celebrate. This is the underlying cause behind every joy that I'm feeling every now and then. This is also the reason why 2011 is my year!

Well, these are the known reasons. There are certain events in this year that, though unknown, will define the motto as well. Let's see about that.

I will close this part of the post with my professor's words...

‎'People can give us disappointments and pain, but it's up to us to become INDEPENDENTLY HAPPY.'


BiTZ' Busyness and the Steady-energy Complex
Well, the past two weeks had been a very busy period for me. From the practice, to OB days, to classes, and not to mention the pressure in the house. It came to a point that I slept during practice unknowingly. When I woke up, I felt humiliated because of what I did.

That's why I decided to take multivitamins. Para more energy, mas happy!

Yun lang. This is one of my petty resolutions for 2011, to take Multivitamins para hindi naman makaistorbo ang pagod sa mga pinagkakaabalahan ko. Go!


Heads off to the PALACE!!!
Last week, after WedPost aired for the first time, a representative from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts contacted us and gave us one of the many blessings of 2011.

My sister, Lordenn Panganiban. is up to receive the prestigious Ani ng Dangal Award from his Excellency, President Benigno Aquino III. It will happen sometime from February 25-28, 2011 at the Malacanang Palace.

Since my sissie's not around, my mommy is going to receive it for her. And I will be there with her to witness it.

Watch out!!! Congrats, dete! :)

PlayProd Report No. 07
It's a bull session today! It's now time to face the various problems that the class is undergoing. I have a grippling fear in my heart with regards to this day.

This would be my nth time to speak in class. I fear that something wrong would occur, but WTH? What's important right now is to unveil all the wrong deeds, correct it and move on.

Critic night is just two weeks away, and we're on the brink of rapid preparation. I don't know what will happen in the near future. I hope things get seriously good.



> Sto. Niño Feast Day is on January 16. Yun lang, just want you to be informed. Because of this, I will give two renditions in, one for the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time; the other for the Feast of Sto. Niño.

> HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this week's Birthday Celebrants!
JANUARY 12 - Ms. Ruby Ana Santos
JANUARY 13 - Isabel Leonardo, Jan Dave Dequito
JANUARY 15 - Grace Abrio
JANUARY 17 - Ms. Sonia Lorenzo
JANUARY 18 - Mariel Rivera
May you have more birthdays to come, and God's blessings in the coming days!

>This is your WedPost for this week. Enjoy the week ahead, guys!
SirBitz_011211 :)

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