Friday, March 18, 2011


It's been a week now since the devastating earthquake had hit Japan, with the central point of events in Sendai City in Miyagi. We'd already heard of it in the news since day 01. The whole planet was shocked at what happened and is actually happening in the land of the Rising Sun.

Imagine a devastation so fierce that we shall call it the JAPANESE PACKAGE! The package consists of one 8.9 magnitude earthquake,...

...a 10-meter tsunami,... 

...and a nuclear crisis. 

What could be more sweeter? Thousands of lives were swept away by this catastrophic deal, including their houses and livelihood. Furthermore, we see a greater doom ahead due to the threatening meltdown of the Fukushima-Daichi Nuclear Power Plant. Those who survived the quakes are bound to nuclear radiation which can lead to mutation, complication or worse, death. 

At one point, this may be Nature's wake-up call to all those who are still into killing Mother Earth, that when she strikes back, she is in full throttle. With Global Warming and Climate Change sweeping the world upside down, the situation brought about by the tsunami turned out to be worse. As quoted, some parts of the coastal Sendai City and adjacent towns were wiped-off the map because of the sweeping waters that did not go back to the sea after the catastrophe. 

At another point, this is God's response to their NO to life. With their good number of suicides, olden populace, and support for abortion, God has also something to say. It's like, You don't like to continue life... Let's see about that. You may contradict with my views alright, but after prior experience of floods and typhoons in China and some parts of Europe in the past, let's look at the reality. I ask myself, what if the same thing happens in the Philippines if ever the people there at Congress continue to fight against life? Look, only God has the powerful right to give and take somebody's life, and we have no possible right to intrude with this. Otherwise, he will use nature to show his wrath. Well, except for the baby below which was found amid the rubbles of the Tsunami in Sendai.

Finally, this is the time for the Japanese to shine! No offense in the use of words, but this is the way to define how the Japanese rises through the rubbles swept away by the angry waters. People still show discipline though there are already scarcity of food, gas, and even potable water and electricity. Japanese men tend to leave behind and send their wives and children to the city, to safer ground. And most notable of these are the Faceless Fifty, the fifty workers in Fukushima Power Plant who stayed behind to monitor the happenings in the Nuclear reactors, so as to prevent any graver damage to everyone and everything. They know how to show the right manners at the right place at the right time. This one thing I admire in the Japanese is that despite the dreadful reality, they still have discipline in their veins. When will the Filipinos have this kind of control and manner?

And so, after one week of  looking after the events, I can't help but to speak of my points of view regarding the tragedy in Japan. Though I became bias in some points here, I would still like to express my deepest sympathy to the Japanese race because of what happened. My heart and sentiments go to the millions of Japanese people affected by the tragedy, with all my prayers that they may stand again and prove to the world the the rising sun is still going to shine on them.

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